A real life princess

A sweet sixteen birthday party is usually the highlight moment of a teen girls life. It's the only birthday with a television show, the only age with a pleasant adjective (unlike terrible twos), and the only time she'll be communicable outside of her cellphone (a break in texting). It's usually a fun, elaborate time for her and her friends. Families usually spare no expense when it comes to throwing the best party ever for their daughters. Often times, there'll be ceremonies to celebrate her coming of age. One can either have a father present a shoe on a pillow for her to wear, or a mother placing a tiara on her head. These both have fairytale qualities to them, but often represent the coming-of-age transformation into a woman. The decorations and gifts can be extravagant and luxurious respectively. And usually the cake can be one of the most impressive things at the party.

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This cake has meaning

Parents of the guest of honor usually seek out professional bakeries to produce the best sweet sixteen birthday cake for their daughters. If the party has a theme, then the cake would be decorated to fit that theme. It can be a tropical Hawaiian themed party or, if a gift like a new car was given to the birthday girl, then the cake could illustrate that theme with keys made out of fondant or her new drivers license displayed with edible ink. Whichever theme is chosen for a sweet sixteen birthday party, the cake will typically have a creative display of youthful colors and designs.

If the sixteen year old entrenched herself in her faith, then religious items and decorations could adorn the cake. A cake that has sensitive details like religion would require the buyer to present a clear list of items she may or may not want on her cake. It'd be a good idea to ask for a portfolio of previous cakes within the theme you're planning your party in. You don't want an ornament that's disrespectful to whatever faith the birthday girl is, and with cake designers always pursuing creativity and out-of-the-box concepts, it's a good idea to have strict guidelines on the design.

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What is love

A zebra themed party is another popular one for girls and women alike; typically set aside for those who see themselves as Divas. Animal designed clothing became popular during the 60s, with zebra print becoming synonymous with the Diva term in the early 90s late 80s. A zebra themed sweet sixteen cake can come in many colors, but as long as it has the striped zebra print, we're celebrating the birthday of a Diva. Most teenagers enjoy the latest music in the top 40 if dancing is involved, but 90s classics like Haddaway's "What is Love" or The Real McCoys' "Another Night" would probably be more fitting.

You can also have a neon colored cake if you're hosting a blacklight party. Adding decorations that'll glow will certainly have mouths watering while they dance. A popular cake design is the topsy-turvy cake, this is designed as a  multi-tiered cake that appears to be on its last leg. It'd probably be the type of cake you'd see at a Dr. Suess themed birthday party. It'll look unstable, zany and would appear to be something the unpredictable Cat in the Hat would bake. 

One with the cake

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Of course, you don't need a theme for a party. It could just be extravagant and ostentatious, but depending on the guest of honors personality, more modest and discreet. If her personality is cheerful and upbeat, then a colorful multi-tiered cake would be perfect at her party. But if her personality is more tender - not flashy, but mellow - then a single tiered cake with simple design would be more fitting. A cake can also be more formal or youthful depending on the type of party. If a strict dress code is being enforced, then the cake might appear more formal with the traditional white with maybe a few decorations on it like roses, but nothing too flashy. But if the birthday girl is a punk rocker, expect the cake to be loud, imaginative and maybe even a bit twisted.

And although these cakes can look quite impressive, they can also be pretty expensive. If you're ordering your cake from a specialized bakery, they can often require a deposit of up to 100 dollars. And the cake itself, depending on how detailed and extravagant it is, can costs upwards to 400 dollars. Such is the price for a cake that'll wow your guests. The sad thing about it is that it'll be gone in a day. Most of these fancy cakes are created with fondant, an expensive frosty that doesn't always taste as well as it looks. But for the bakers, it's the most manageable and will make your cake looking decadent.

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Cakes rule the world

Cakes are definitely apart of popular culture with TV shows like Ace of Cakes on the Food Network and Cake Boss on TLC. With these shows people are allowed to see the drama taking place in the kitchen when a professional cake is being made. Conversely, you could attempt to make one at home well in-advance of the actual party. You'd give yourself enough time alleviate time constraints that could impede quality. Just keep in mind that before frosting is applied, you can store the cake 4 months in advance of the party, and it has to be frozen and wrapped in plastic. A cake with frosting can be stored for up to 2 months, which is ideal since all you'll need to do is un-thaw it and you're ready to party.

But if you feel the challenge is too much, you can find a local bakery that'll create the masterpiece for you. Be sure to look for customer reviews and view their website as they'll typically have pictures of other cake designs they've created.  Many cake design businesses start out at home when people discover they have a talent for baking. Although you may feel a little uneasy purchasing a cake from a business just starting out, these people usually work the hardest as they're trying to get the name of their company out. It takes  a lot of time and effort to start a cake design business, and one bad cake could damage an early reputation. So it might be beneficial to use the services of someone trying to start out, especially if you know the person, just as a friendly way to encourage their endeavors.  

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