16th birthday parties often call for elaborate celebrations or a sweet sixteen party. The sixteenth birthday cake is often bigger and grander than at other birthday parties because it has to feed more guests. Ideas for sweet 16 birthday party events can convey the theme or feed hundreds of friends and family members. You can make the 16th birthday cake yourself or pick it up at a bakery.

16th birthday cakes often have several layers. Display cakes on pedestals for more height. Spice up a traditional cake with fun colors so it doesn't look like a wedding cake. Decorate with tropical flowers instead of traditional roses. Monograms personalize the cake while keeping it sophisticated. Top a cake with a lightweight picture of the birthday boy or girl. Sweet sixteen cakes should incorporate the colors from the party such as hot pink, turquoise or even chocolate brown.

Topsy turvy cakes are uneven stacks of cake that look like they might even fall over. This adds a whimsical element to a 16th birthday cake. Accent with crystals hung from wire. This is pretty expensive, but sweet 16 cupcakes are much cheaper. If you want elegant party themes for sweet sixteens then tiered cakes are perfect.

Sweet 16 Birthday Party Ideas for Girls

Birthday cakes don't even have to look like cake or food. Sheet cakes are less expensive but 3D cakes have more of a wow factor. A 16th birthday cake can reflect the theme of the party. For a fairytale birthday party top the cake with a castle or glass slipper. If your teenager is a fashionista have a cake made that looks like a designer handbag. Treat the birthday boy by giving him a birthday cake that looks like his dream car.

Cupcakes can be chic instead of elegant. A cake made out of cupcakes adds an unusual element to a birthday party. You might even be able to make and decorate cupcakes yourself to save money. Place the cupcakes on a stand for a grander effect. For a sweet sixteen party don't go overboard on the cupcake decoration. Create several different colors of cupcakes with coordinating wrappers to be chic and age appropriate.

The flavor of a sixteenth birthday party cake needs to appeal to a lot of different people. You may have everyone from grandparents to teenagers at the party. Create a cake with your teen's favorite flavor such as root beer float. Many guests will appreciate a decadent chocolate flavored cake.

Candles are an appropriate cake topper for a 16th birthday party cake. You may want to get pictures of your teen blowing out the candles. The blowing out of the candles provides an opportunity for the guests to sing happy birthday. Look for tall candles that will add height to the cake. Swirl or zig zag birthday candles act as cake decorations.