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There are many different kinds of Sweet Sixteen invitations from which to choose. What you decide to send is a matter of two factors: your budget and your theme. Planning is crucial for both. If you want to send out something unique, but do not have a lot of money to spend, then you will need time to shop and catch the sales and use coupons. Anyone knows that shopping at the last minute means that you will pay top dollar because you need it now.

The same thing can be applied for a themed Sweet Sixteen invitation. For example, if you want to plan one around a holiday, then you will need to shop at that time of year to get the best selection of themed merchandise.

Budget Friendly Ideas for Sweet Sixteen Invitations

With technology, you no longer have to send invitations in the mail. By using the internet, you save time and energy, because you are not stuffing and addressing envelopes. Because you are not buying supplies to make invitations to your daughter’s Sweet Sixteen, as well as not buying stamps, you are also saving money.

Websites such as Evite and Americangreetings.com, as well as a host of others, can deliver themed personalized Sweet Sixteen invitations directly to the recipients’ inbox. You can monitor the RSVP list, as well as send reminders to those who have not responded.

Another budget friendly way your daughter can take charge of her Sweet Sixteen invitations is to send them via a Facebook “Event“. My daughter actually has received invitations in this manner. Maybe Miss Manners would not approve, but this is the another option for parents of teenage girls who are on a budget.

A third option for inexpensive Sweet Sixteen invitations is to make your own. You can buy white or colored cardstock on which to print them. This option permits you to use any clip art you want, you can add photos, or you can decorate it with themed stickers. My daughter used the print your own option and was able to fit three invitations on one piece of cardstock. No stickers were required, and we were able to use standard sized envelopes.

If you want to skip creating your own invitations for your Sweet Sixteen, you can buy themed computer stationary and just print the necessary information on it. There are many varieties available in stores such as Staples, Target, WalMart, and any other store that sells computer accessories.

The most expensive of the budget friendly ideas for invitations is to buy them in packs at the store in the Sweet Sixteen section. If you shop early, you may find some in the clearance aisle of the department. When trying to save money, you need to think outside the box. Do the invitations all do not have to match if you are not having a theme? Who is going to see that they do? Being creative is one way to keep your budget in line.

You will have to fill out all of the party information by hand, but this option is less costly then any of the following ones.

Using Photo Cards as a Sweet Sixteen Invitation

Photo cards are not just for the holidays anymore! They can be used for any occasion, including Sweet Sixteen invitations. Parents may choose a bunch of pictures of their daughter growing up, or simply use a baby photo or a recent photo. (Be sure to get the okay before sending these! Teenage girls are very sensitive about how they look.) You can add the text with the party information in a variety of fonts. They will be delivered right to your mailbox in a few days.

Photo card invitations can be made online or in a store at a kiosk. If you decide to get them online, look for promotional codes to get additional savings.

Custom Printed Sweet Sixteen Invitations

The most expensive choice for invitations are custom made printed ones. For those who do not have a Sweet Sixteen budget, you have a variety of choices. There are websites devoted to formal Sweet Sixteen invitations, or you can go to any invitation website and create a custom one.

Another option for custom invitations go to your local stationary store and choose something from one of their books. There are also local people who do custom invitations for weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, and from their home. They typically offer discounts, depending on which company from which you order.

Craft stores, Target, and other stores that sell stationary items also have custom invitation sections. They are very formal and look like something you would order from someone. They come in a kit and you just print them on your computer from home. If you buy it at the craft store, you can get it for forty or fifty per cent off if you have a coupon.

There is no limit to your imagination when creating Sweet Sixteen invitations.