If you have pets that shed, chances are you spend a lot of time removing pet hair from your floors. While there are many different ways to remove pet hair a dry swifter and a vacuum are among the most efficient. One is very expensive, but the other is very mobile. Which one is best for your home?


There are plenty of Swifter products available today. The original dry swifter is still the best option for removing pet hair. Unfortunately, this is only true if you have hardwood or tiled floors. If your home is carpeted the original swifter is going to do little to help you with this task!

So does Swifter really work? Actually, yes it does. The commercials aren't joking around when they talk about debris being attracted to this handy device. On hardwood floors all you have to do is run the Swifter along the baseboards and anywhere else your pet hair tends to accumulate.

The great thing about using a Swifter to pick up pet hair from the floors is that it's easy. There is no need to pull out a vacuum to remove the pet hair. Before each cleaning you just need to replace the Swifter pad and then you throw it out when you are done. You don't have to worry about emptying your vacuum bag or finding somewhere to plug in the device.

It is worth noting that Swifter won't pick up a lot of debris or dirt with just a single pad. It does manage to attract the pet hair and keep it all attached until all your rooms have been cleaned. Be prepared to gently pick the Swifter off of the floor because the pad will have plenty of pet hair sticking to it!


Obviously the vacuum is going to be the most effective way to remove pet hair from your carpets. But what about your hardwood floors? Even on the lowest setting vacuums can kick out pet hair and other debris out from under it instead of sucking it up. There are a few vacuum models that have been designed specifically for hardwood floors, but are they really worth the extra investment?

It seems to be much quicker and less expensive to simply run a swifter around the house a few times a week rather than lugging out the vacuum. Ultimately, the best option for hardwood floors is likely a combination of both. Use the swifter regularly to remove excess pet hair. Every few runs with the swifter supplement it with a good vacuuming so you can keep your baseboards and area rugs clean too!

Tip: If you have young children that crawl around on your floors a Swifter is an even better investment. Unlike a noisy vacuum, you can swifter the floors during naptime!