Swim caps for women are a great way to keep you dry and avoid that dreaded chlorine in your treated hair. 

Fashionable Swim Cap

Make a Statement!

TYR La Vengadora Swim Cap
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(price as of Sep 2, 2018)

Retro is Back!

Luxury Divas Colorful Flower Petals Latex Swim Cap
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(price as of Sep 2, 2018)

They were once very popular, and were part of the swimwear culture complete with large plastic flowers, and more especially in the 50s and 60s.  But they were also hard to use, they tended to be made from rubber and putting them on quite often felt like you were ripping out your scalp.  They basically were one size fits all, and by the time next season rolled around they need to be replaced as they had gone all hard and a lot of those plastic flowers were long gone.

But now these swimming accessories are back!  But this time they are easy to put on, they are made from 100 percent polyester on the outside, and a flexible water proof “PVC free” plastic liner keeps the head dry.


But the best part about this retro and yet modern swimming cap is that most of the work of keeping your head and hair dry is in the headband.  This fits to your skin, without any irritation and stops the water from getting in. 

This way these swimming caps can accommodate longer hair.  No more scalp tight swim cap, since the headband is snug there is room for your hair in the rest.

With the latest in modern polyester fabrics, you can get some really cool and retro designs, or you can go for sleek and shimmery, like the tiger print pictured.

As more women are getting their hair treated and dyed, they have started to make a comeback.  You are seeing more and more of them every year, and they are not just on the seniors!  They are being created to accent your swimwear, and with the newer fabrics being used, they are much easier to put on and take off and stay totally flexible. 

Therefore, if you love to go swimming underwater, but have resorted to keeping your head above water due to your treated hair, or just don’t want your hair getting wet with pool chemicals such as chlorine, then consider shopping once again. 

You can get these at most stores that sell swimwear and department stores, but you can get a much larger variety online at such sites as Amazon.

If you could these accessories, that look good, were easy to put on without ripping your hair out, and they actually worked and kept your hair dry, wouldn’t you wear one?  These swim caps maybe a “retro” idea, but they are a practical idea.  Chlorine can be very hard on any hair not just treated hair, and you are faced with having to wash your hair right away after getting out of the pool.

Or maybe you don’t want to get salt water in your hair either.  If your pool using salt water systems or you basically love to dive in the ocean, then using a bathing cap would be a great way to go.  Since the outer shell is 100 percent polyester fabric rather than old crusty rubber, you will find it dries right away, and leaves your hair in good condition. 

Check them out this year.  They have come back onto the swimwear fashion scene big time.