Finding swimwear accessories to cover your hair used to be difficult.  If you were an avid swimmer you either cut your hair or just wore a pony tail and into the water you went.  But with all the chemicals in the pools to keep them clean, they can be very hard on the health of your scalp.

Long Hair No Problem!

Bathing caps were all the rage in the 50s and 60s, when women just didn’t want to go through the bother of having to deal with their head after a swim.  So, they either didn’t go under water, kept it short, or they wore one of those uncomfortable hard rubber bathing caps that would hurt your head.


But things have changed.  The reasoning for the bathing caps are the same.  Protect your head from nasty chemicals in the pools and to keep it dry.  But now with more modern fabrics, user friendly caps for long hair can now be found.

These products for women are created from 100 percent polyester on the outside and PVC free flexible plastic lining on the inside.  The covered soft rubber band that fits close to your head with adjustable closure is where the water is kept right out, allowing for a roomier cap. 

All you need to do is twist your hair gently onto your head, and then fit this totally flexible swimming cap on top.  Not like those old ones, that took two people to put them on, and stretch them, and literally pull out your hair.  Things have changed and for the better.

But the “retro” styling is back in, so the idea behind the protection was always a good one.  You can get athlete styled simple ones, or you can get these stylish print ones that shimmer when they get wet, and look good.  Instead of going for a plain colour why not check out some of these retro styles such as the animal print line.

Instead of trying to hide it, make it work with your swimwear.  Accessories are “in” this year when it comes to swimwear and beach wear.  They are a great way to enjoy the water without drying out and damaging your hair.

Chlorine is not the only problem, salt water can be very drying too.  Many pools are changing to salt water cleaning systems, which is great for your skin and the pool but can still be hard on treated hair.  Even that jump in the ocean is hard on your hair.  So, consider getting a swim cap once again.

You can now get these soft and flexible products at most swimwear stores, but you can also get them online at such sites as Amazon.  There are lots to choose from this year for styles.  Since “retro” is in, you can get those flowery ones once again, but this time they are comfortable and you can easily slip them on and off, and they are easy to pack.  They dry right away, and can quickly be rinsed to clean them.

So, if you have longer hair, consider getting one this year, with adjustable closures at the headband, and then swim in comfort and protect your hair.