Swimming ear plugs are a great solution for those who either can't or simply don't want to get their ears wet while swimming. Technology has come a long way in the past several years regarding the water sports industry, which means that the old days of clunky and unsightly ear plugs are long gone - as are the days when such ear plugs not only kept the water out, but also the sound. These days, it's very easy to find a pair of swimming ear plugs that keep water out without affecting your hearing.

Not to mention they are made from advanced synthetic materials, and designed by expert engineers; which means they feel comfortable. Some people even say they frequently forget they're even wearing them. The following swimming ear plug list should help you decide which plugs will work best for you.

TYR Silicone Ear Plugs

TYR Ear Plugs

TYR is one of the biggest names in competitive swimming, and their products are always of the highest quality. And the company's line of TYR Silicone Molded Ear Plugs are no exception. Each plug is molded to fit the left or right ear (two are included - one for each side), and features hollow construction to allow sound to travel through the plug. TYR even includes a handy-dandy carrying case. The TYR Silicone Ear Plugs typically cost about $6 on Amazon.

Speedo Rubber Ear Plugs

Speedo Ear Plugs

Speedo has been one of the swimming and diving industry's biggest names for decades, and its line of Speedo Rubber Ear Plugs certainly lives up to the brand's hype. The multiple flange design of these plugs keeps water out of the ear, and doesn't come lose during the rigors of swimming - including underwater diving. Unlike the TYR plugs, the Speedo units aren't custom molded to fit left and right ears, but instead are designed to fit either side. The company even packages three ear plugs in each box, which means you'll have a spare should you lose one. The Speedo Rubber Ear Plugs typically cost about $7 on Amazon.

Mack's AquaBlock Swimming Ear Plugs

Macks AquaBlock Ear Plugs

These plugs by Mack's are very similar in construction to the Speedo units, as they feature a triple flange design and can fit in either ear (left or right). But unlike the Speedo ones, Mack's uses silicone materials rather than rubber. They even include a shatterproof carrying case and a whole handful of earplugs. So instead of buying the TYR or Speedo brand name, you're getting more products for the same price. These Mack's AquaBlock Ear Plugs cost about $5.

Regardless of why you need them - be it for pure comfort, chronic ear infections or even the dreaded "swimmer's ear," a good set of swimming ear plugs means you can enjoy your time in the water without worrying about getting your ears wet.