If you're a swimming pool owner, it's likely that you're aware of the fact that your pool can become dirtied up and polluted by bacteria floating in your water. If you know that, chances are that you are also aware of the fact that you can destroy these problems entirely with the help of certain swimming pool chemicals. It is in your best interest to make yourself familiar with the most necessary types of chemicals to take adequate care of your swimming pools. That way, whenever someone comes over to take a refreshing dip into your pool of water, it will be fresh and clean, as opposed to a filthy mess that bacteria will surely transform it into.

Certain swimming pool chemicals can eliminate the threat of bacteria for the time being and allow you to swim in clean water. One of the most popular methods of cleaning your pool water is with pool shock. Pool shock raises the levels of chlorine in your pool to very extreme heights in order to kill every bit of bacteria inside of the structure. Once the chlorine levels have been raised to a significant enough amount to do its job, the water is then balanced back to normal chlorine levels and people can resume swimming. This is a very easy process to facilitate and the results deliver each and every time, provided you follow the pool shock instructions. When done correctly, one only needs to clean their pool with chlorine tablets once every week or so, a modest amount of work for such great and safe results.

Another type of pool chemical that provides great results is top shelf algaecides. These are specially made to kill random types of algae. There are 3 common algae forms, green, black and mustard, with their popularity of infecting pool water being in that specific order. Green algae are obviously green and float in the centers of the pools as well as sticking to cracks and crevices along the pool lining. Black algae is ironically not black at all, but more of a greenish kind of blue type of pigment. And mustard algae are actually very often misdiagnosed as dirt due to their similar looking features. Remember, if it feels slimy like algae, it is probably algae, but if it feels like dirt it is most likely only dirt.

To kill algae and other, standard bacteria, simply shock your pool with a high concentration of chlorine and then apply algaecides to get rid of the algae floating in your pool. Your pool levels should return to normal, safe levels very soon and you can resume swimming in your fun swimming pool.