Heat Pump Swimming Pool Heaters

Emerging on the scene as one of the most effective and efficient methods to heat your swimming pool is with an electrical heat pump. Depending where you live, the desire to extend your swimming season seems to be unanimous for most people. Even in warmer areas you may still experience cooler days and nights even in the summertime. Swimming pools offer fun, relaxation and is a great medium for socialization. Last but not least are the health benefits that stand to be gained from the exercise swimming provides. All this said, swimming in a comfortable environment only enhances your activities. Keeping and maintaining the warmth of your pools' water with the use of a heat pump is the most energy effective way to ensure the swimming season for your friends and family are enjoyable.

All you need is a heat pump, electricity, compressor and the sun. The heat pump powered by electricity moves heat from the air in the atmosphere and directs it into your pools' water. The best made heat pumps of the correct size for the size of your pool can provide you with comfortable temperatures of between 78 and 80 degrees consistantly. Because this method of heating your pools' water only requires minimal electricity to operate this translates into nominal energy loss. For this reason you get exceptional efficiency. Using a heat pump to heat your swimming pool is a clean and safe operation with the added benefit of being eco friendly as well. Even though solar heating systems may be more environmentally friendly, these type systems can be more costly and space to house the solar panels might not be available to everyone. For this reason heat pump systems are usually the best options for swimming pool owners.

Heat pump systems are tough and long lasting. The housing for these pool heating systems are UV and weather resistant, so they can stand up to extremely harsh conditions such ice, freezing temperatures, etc.. However, heat pumps are designed with moving parts. So this tells us to expect occasional service from qualified technicians even if it is only for preventive maintenance. You may expect the life of your heat pump to last up to 15 years plus especially if you keep them maintained. Your energy costs savings to expect is up to 80% as compared to natural gas heaters.

For choosing the right heat pump system for your swimming pool it pays to do your research for finding a high quality product that falls with in your budget. You should know to expect a wide range of various models with pricing variable as well. Conducting your research thoroughly gives you confidence in your selection and the knowledge of exactly what you have got and what to expect from your heat pump system. Do not forget to keep in mind the length of your pool season and the optimum water temperature you desire. Just as important to remember is the overall size of your pool and climate in the region in which you live.

Invest well and enjoy your prolonged swimming season.