You get swimming pool ladders included in the overall price when you buy a new pool, although perhaps you might need to get a replacement in time. You will have to get your hands on a ladder yourself if you are doing it all solo with your swimming pool installation. The set up of the ladder will largely depend upon the sort of pool you have, such as fiberglass or steel panels.

Above ground Swimming Pool Ladders

Plastic is what you find most of the ladders are made from, for the above ground pools. made from tough, UV resistant polyethylene to be more accurate. Simple ones have a plain sort of ladder that is the same on the side that goes in the pool as it is on the part that is out of the pool. Then you can get some that are more like a staircase type of steps on the outside. Much easier to climb in and out of the salt water pool. Has to be ladder on the inside or they would get in the way in a small pool.

Inground Swimming Pool Ladders.

Stainless steel pool ladders with a fixing at the top an the bottom. Brass fixings are used so that they are not affected by the pool chemicals. Maybe that will not be a problem if you are sanitising  your pool using ozone generation.  Strong ladders made of Stainless steel will support heavy weights no problem. Just as well to be set up for heavy built people in these days of obesity. It would not be good to have someone fall and break a leg or arm when getting in to your pool.

Putting in the Ladders on an Inground Swimming Pool. So that you have safe contact with the liner of the pool the base of the ladder will pivot to fit flat on the bottom of the pool. Protect the pool liner further by adding a pad to cushion it. Some ladder manufacturers recommend using flanges that are compatible with the ladder too. Anchor sockets may have to be bought separately. See what is available when you are buying the swimming pool lights.

Climb the Steps Safely

So that you don't slip and fall off the ladder you should choose steps that are wide enough. The steps are also made to be non slip for extra safety. A big enough walkway at the top is a good idea for when you are climbing in. On some ladders there will be side wings to stop children from easily getting trapped in the sides.

Other Accessories You Can Get for Pool Ladders. To protect the pool from damage you can get ladder bumpers. Have the dirt and grass cleaned off feet by having a foot bath tray at the bottom of the ladder. Lock in place some roller safety guards to prevent toddlers going up the steps. So the children are not tempted to try and swim in the steps and find themselves stuck and unable to get out, you can use roller guards on the steps. Learning to swim in safety.