The new H1N1 flu, better known as swine flu, has hit the world hard so far. More and more people suffer from the flu. How do you recognize the flu and when do you know it's time to see your GP or go directly to the hospital?

What are the swine flu's symptoms?

The symptoms that go with the swine flu look a lot like symptoms of the normal flu. The most common symptoms are:



-body aches



In addition to that most people who suffer from the swine flu suffer from the following things:



-body aches



-an aching throat



However, not all people who suffer from the swine flu suffer from everything.

About 94% of the people has fever ( more than 38 degrees Celsius)

About 92% of the people is coughing a lot.

About 62% of the people complains a lot about a sore throat.

About 25% of the people suffers from diarrhea and sickness.

If you are not sure whether you, or your child suffers from the swine flu, don't hesitate and contact your GP if you don't trust the situation.

What will happen once you got the swine flu?

For most of the people who get the swine flu, nothing serious will happen. You will feel miserable for a couple of days and then you will feel lots better. Normally the flu will trouble you for 2 until 7 days, however the coughing will continue a little longer. The flu will look a lot like the normal flu, we have been knowing much longer.

HOWEVER, the dangerous part of the swine flu is that once things get complicated you are in serious danger. People who already suffered from diseases before getting the swine flu, might have a hard battle trying to overcome the swine flu. People who have lung problems also have a problem. When these people suffer from the swine flu, they are more likely to catch pneumonia too.

Normally things will be perfectly fine, but if your child or anyone who suffers from the swine flu has problems breathing properly, you should immediately contact a GP or the hospital, because in that case the flu gets dangerous.

People for whom the swine flu is dangerous

There are various groups of people who need to be super careful when it comes to the swine flu. They better get the vaccine if possible, or the might be seriously ill, or even die after getting pneumonia too. These people are:

-young children until the age of about 4 years old

-pregnant women (although pregnant women shouldn't get a vaccine if they are less than 14 weeks pregnant, because then the vaccine might damage the unborn child).

-old people, that's generally people who are older than 65 years old.

-people who already suffer from lung diseases.

-people with kidney problems.

-people who suffer from diabetes.

How can I prevent myself and my children from getting the flu?

In no way you can be sure you prevent yourself perfectly from getting the swine flu. However there are some things you could do to decrease the chance of getting the flu:

-wash your hands with soap on regular basis

-blow your nose in a handkerchief, cough in there too.

-make sure you don't touch your nose, eyes and mouth too often.

-use handkerchiefs that are made of paper.

-make sure you disinfect places that are often touched by different people on regular basis.

-make sure there is plenty of fresh air in all rooms.

But remember, even if you are doing all of this, you can still get ill.