Swine Flu seems to be a topic that comes to mind when being online or even walking in your local grocery store. I myself have tried not to get too scared of the fact that I know the Swine Flu is out there but it has hit close to home when my mother was dianosed with it yesterday. Several things come to my mind when I think of this terrible illness.

First where did she get it? This is my first and most imporant question I do not live with my mother however we are around each other often so this is something I would love to know is how did she catch the Swine fly.

Secondly my hope is that I as well as my children do not catch the virus so I will have to stay away from mom for a little while until she gets better. I have been doing a lot of research today and as well as in the past few months to see what I could find out about it and ways of preventing it as well.

The internet is a great place for information but I also feel we must take everything we read or hear with a grain of salt because not everything is correct. Althought with this in mind I learned a few things about the Swine flu I would like to share in this article.

First cover you cough! I cannot stress this one enough it order to pass the Swine flu you have to come in contact with it and this is one major way to do so.

Second if you are sick please stay home until the fever is gone without OTC meds for 24 hours. Meaning if you still have a fever three days later even taking the OTC meds please do not leave if at all possible.

Third make sure if you are sick to see a doctor to have it treated based on your personal situation. Some doctors will prescribe meds while others will not. Either way go to the doctor.

If you do get the flu no matter if it is seasonal or Swine make sure you drink plenty of fluids and get rest if any symptoms get worse go to your local ER.

Although this may seem very overwheleming the best thing we can do is try to prevent the spread but at least keep ourseleves informed no matter if it scares us or not. Take care and please stay safe.