Here are a few suggestions about the Swine Flu.

These suggestions should be a part of our every day life, but some of us do slack on these.
This is a time when we cannot slack on these safety ideas.

The first one is most vital. If you begin to feel "fluish" in any way, and have a fever, please go to see your Doctor and get tested. Do not wait, thinking that you can simply take some acetaminophen and keep a fever down. We can do this when we do not feel well, in normal situations, but not with this.

Use anti-bacterial soaps and dish washing liquids. Do not rub your eyes, mouth or face with your hands. Carry hand wash liquid with you when you go out anywhere, especially after or during shopping at the grocery store and using the shopping carts, and handling money. Money has traveled a lot further than we have.

Always wash your hands after going to the restroom, before touching food, putting away clean dishes, and things like that.

If you have to sneeze, please sneeze into a tissue and the same for coughing.
Try to deal with stress better, keeping it lower, and rest as much as possible. This will help your immune system remain stronger.

Eat healthier. Take your vitamin C.

I went and bought the Halls Vitamin C (candies I call them) and have been eating some of them today. Orange juice is a great source of vitamin C. I buy the Sunny Delight, as it does cost less, but it has Vitamin C in it, and it tastes great!

Some say that if you see someone who seems to be sick, keep your distance from them. If my guess is correct, that will not prevent one of us from catching this Swine Flu. I believe that it is airborne.

I am nervous about this, as I am sure most of the world is nervous about this. My heart goes out to the families who have already lost loved ones because of this and I pray for all of us during these times. Yes, this too shall pass, but it can be scary for a lot of us. I know that the news says that they want us to continue with our lives as we have been, but that will not be easy for most of the general public. Of course, people are afraid. Nobody wants to get sick, let alone die from this. We will make it through this, sticking together and keeping the faith in God.

This is a serious matter. People cannot wait to get seen by a Doctor if they do not feel well. And there is great news! They have an anti-viral ready to help any of us with, so, please, do not wait if you believe that you may be sick. Yes, I know. What if it isn't that flu and is just a cold? I would be embarrassed to go to the Doctor's office or the hospital and find out that I only had a cold. What if it isn't? What if it is that flu? Do we really want to take that chance? I hope that people will get seen and take care of themselves. That is one way that we can keep this from spreading to others.
I go to college, and there are people there coughing, sneezing, etc. I am going to go and get tested just to be safe. I hate needles, too, but I would rather have a few moments of suffering than a week's worth or "worse".

My prayers are with you all!