Swing Arm Curtain Rod Uses:

Swing Arm Curtain Rod
Hanging curtains for the first time can be challenging even for those comfortable with DIY projects and choosing where to use a swing arm curtain rod doesn’t make it any easier.  If you have any experience with curtain rod brackets, then you know how important finding anchoring points is.  Using the wrong type of screw or not seating a drywall anchor properly can mean the difference between a beautiful window treatment and a hazard to your family and friends.  This is especially true for swing arm curtain rods, because all of the weight of the curtain must be supported by one anchor point as opposed to two or even three.  Because of this, most swing arm curtain rods are made with hard cast metal and thick fittings.  This limits your stylistic choices somewhat, however there are a number of options available to you.  

The most common uses for swing arm curtain rods include french doors, small windows, or areas where you want to have complete control of light and fresh air.  On french doors, you can swing open the drapes to allow the doors to open completely.  This method is preferable to mounting smaller rods directly to the door because firstly, you don’t need to damage the doors install, and secondly, you can completely cover the opening of the doorway as opposed to just a small portion of the door itself.  Swing arm curtain rods are particularly useful for smaller sized windows which would be encumbered by having a tradition curtain rod.  By using a swinging drape you can expose the small window without obstructing it.  

Benefits Of Swing Arm Curtain Rods:

The single most prominent benefit of swinging curtain rod arms is the fact that you are able to achieve an unobstructed view of the window whenever you need to let in extra light or fresh air.  As opposed to most curtains which, even when completely drawn still block the window, swinging rods allow you to lay your drapes flat against the adjacent walls exposing the entire window.  This flexibly is completely hidden when the drapes are closed shut, as you cannot tell the difference between a two bracket rod and a swinging one without looking closely. 

How To Install A Curtain Rod Bracket:

Installing a one sided curtain rod is much easier than a traditional one because you do not need to worry about heights matching, or locations looking symmetrical.  Installation can be done in three steps.

Step 1 - Take your swing arm curtain rod and place it in the location where you expect to mount it.  It’s preferable that the bracket go directly into the wood frame of the door or window, or a stud in the surround wall.

Step 2 - Mark and pre-drill the holes for the mount with a pencil and drill bit half the size of your mounting screws.  

Step 3 - Screw your mounting bracket to the wall with the screws provided, or longer screws to make sure you hit a stud.  

That’s it.  Just slide your drapes onto the rod like a normal installation and enjoy the benefits of your labor.