Lighting is one of the most basic things that every home needs. When it comes to lighting choices, there are tons for you to choose from. One such type of lighting option is a swing arm wall lamp. These types of lamps can be very convenient and can also make your room look a lot more elegant. This article will be about some of the benefits of having these types of lamps as well as where to get them and the different choices that you have that are available for purchase.

One of the benefits of these swing arm wall lamps is that you have the ability to move the light around to a certain extent. Instead of having a lamp fixed on a table where you don't really have any way of shifting the light unless you pick it up and move it to another spot, you can easily adjust the light to where you want it simply by turning the arm of the lamp. These types of lamps are great for bedrooms where you can shift the light over to your side of the bed so that you can read while your partner sleeps.

Another great benefits of having a swing arm wall lamp is that since they are mounted onto a wall, it saves you room on your night stand so that you can put other things on there. This is why many times when you go to a hotel you will notice that they use a swing arm lamp. This is so the customers can have more room on the table to put all their belongings. I would guess another reason would be so that people can't easily steal the lamp. Isn't that why they bolt the TV down?

You can find these types of lamps online. They come in all types of shapes and styles. Some will have unique lamp shades while others will have a longer extension arm. The cost of these lamps will obviously depend on which type you buy. In general, you should expect to pay around $50 - $80 for one of these. There are other ones that are more luxurious and will cost over $100. You can compare the different prices online to find the best deal.

Sometimes you can find these for really cheap at places like garage sales or even on auction sites like Ebay. You can also get them at any lighting store but just keep in mind that the range of styles to choose from will be limited compared to what you can get online. Also, when buying online, make sure you take shipping costs into consideration as well. Even with shipping cost though, often times you can find it for a cheaper price online than in the stores.

When installing these to your wall, you want to make sure that it's high enough that it doesn't interfere with anything you have placed below it but low enough so that you can easily turn off the lamp without having to get up off of your bed.

Getting a swing arm wall lamp can enhance the look of your room, give you more space on your night table, and allow you to shift the lighting to where you need it most. It is a simple product that can be of a lot more use compared to a regular table lamp.