Backpacks serve a wide range of needs and are used frequently by campers, school kids, and more. While a cheap, off-brand backpack can handle most light jobs, these poor quality packs are prone to wearing down and breaking prematurely. If you're looking for an upstanding company which manufactures high quality backpacks, look no further than Swissgear. Swissgear has been making backpacks for years and stands behind their products. Their backpacks are sturdy, rugged and can handle any job, whether it's simple transporting books to carrying supplies on a hike. Comfort is a high priority at Swissgear, as seen in the many comfort features implemented into their products. These include padded comfort straps, air flow padding and more. Buttoned and zippered pockets are put in all the right places to keep you organized. They specialize in computer backpacks which are designed to store laptops in a padded compartment.

Synergy Computer Backpack

One look at the Synergy computer backpack and you will immediately notice the smooth cuSynergyrves and refined design. It's called a computer backpack for a reason- it has a padded compartment to safely store a widescreen laptop up to 15.4 inches in screen diameter. Carrying around your expensive computer hardware has never been safer. The comfort fitting back straps ensure that people of all sizes can experience total comfort. Inside is an essentials organizer for things like books, notepads, pens, calculators and more. This is the perfect pack for school bound individuals both young and old. College students can surely appreciate the MP3 player pocket which has a headphone port. Listen to music at any time while keeping your MP3 player safely inside the pack. Unlike most backpacks which can topple over when you set them down, the Synergy pack has a stabilizing base to keep it upright and accessible at all times.

Ibex 17 Inch Notebook Backpack

The Ibex backpack by SwissgeaIbexr is designed with larger notebooks in mind. The Ibex is capable of storing a 17 inch diagonal notebook in its laptop compartment. Being that large notebooks can be heavy and difficult to carry, Swissgear has implemented Pocketshock technology in this backpack's shoulder straps to absorb and evenly distribute the weight. The air flow padding on the backside of the pack keeps you cool. Most backpacks can make your backside hot and sweaty when worn for long periods of time. The Airflow technology keeps cool air flowing on your back as you walk. A removable pouch is a convenient way to store small items which you need to take along in a hurry. The pouch can be removed with ease and taken separately if needed.

Serge Laptop BackpackSerge

The Serge backpack is designed to accommodate a wide variety of needs. It is fully equipped with a variety of handy features to keep you organized at all times. The Serge pack can store a 15.4 inch laptop safely, with enough room for many other items too. A cell phone holder keeps your phone safe and handy in the padded pocket. The drink holder can accommodate cans, bottles and while keeping them upright. The essentials business organizer inside keeps paper goods stored in a uniform, easy-to-find orientation. As usual, padded comfort straps keep users comfortable even when carrying lots of cargo.

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