SwitchEasy has used essential design approaches and spanking new materials with Capsule Rebel in order to fully care for your iPhone. It introduces UltraFrame™ hard protection system which is a one of a kind cover-all solid shell exo-skeleton casing designed with Lexan® polycarbonate to protect each and every vital part of iPhone 3G, particularly the ones that are vulnerable to collision or shock. Furthermore, SwitchEasy has made use of Adaptive Dynamic Soft Polymer (ADSP), another special material located at the bottom of the frame to safeguard the fragile exterior of your precious mobile phone.

SwichEasy Capsule Rebel Case 3GThe SwitchEasy Capsule Rebel case for iPhone 3G

comes with anti-static protective membranes, microfiber wipe, video stand, universal dock adaptor, and connector protector. Aside from black, colors such as white, cherry, arctic, devil, celestial, olive, tiger, monstera, olive, and skeleton are available as well.

Needless to say, iPhone 3G requires a lot of "tender loving care" to save it from scratches, falls, and dust. ADSP is used by SwitchEasy because it is a soft, new polymer that is strong enough to avert impact that can possibly take place due to the fact that you are using your phone each day. Let's face it; people tend to drop their mobile phones by accident for some reasons, and this is unavoidable. Additionally, ADSP is dirt and stain-resistant that this particular material is considered to be the most excellent one ever utilized in a hybrid casing.

SwitchEasy strongly believes that the best way to care for your smartphone is by making less contact as you put in the protective case, and with ADSP tightly covered all over your casing, your mobile phone is 100 percent protected while inserting the UltraFrameâ„¢ hard protection system. SwitchEasy has created a design wherein every impact point is enveloped with the polycarbonate shield and at the same time has provided you with an extremely satisfying grasp feeling owing to the varied material layout that is exclusive to Rebel's line of products. This is something that the competitors of SwitchEasy do not have. After all, the Capsule Rebel is not called an UltraHybrid for nothing.

With SwitchEasy's distinctive complete cover outline as well as the grouped connector shield and click wheel guards, the anti-scratch rear and extra screen guards protect our case, thus making it as among the most outstanding protective casings available in the market today.

SwitchEasy is very meticulous with buttons and no matter how great your case is, but if you are not able to touch the buttons directly, your case is going to be useless. The makers of Capsule Rebel have kept an eye on the buttons' touch perception that the case covers up. Each button element was designed carefully to give the iPhone 3G users the greatest tangible response and easy access.

Main features of iPhone 3G Case according to the SwitchEasy website

* UltraFrameâ„¢ hard protection system

* Unique mix material Ultra Hybrid design

* Revolutionary special material ADSP to protect the delicate finishing or your iPhone 3G

* Complete protection for your iPhone 3G

This distinctive cover is sold on Amazon it's price being right now between $15-20. It has more than125 customer reviews out of which more tha 100 of 4 and 5 stars. You decide what is best for you - so imagine how this SwitchEasy Capsule Rebel case could match with your iPhone and overall with your style.