For a variety of reasons, an increasing number of Americans are choosing to home school their kids rather than allowing them to attend public school. Unfortunately, homeschooling poses a number of challenges, the most difficult of which may be selecting an appropriate Bible-based curriculum.

If this is your concern, why not try the Switched on Schoolhouse homeschool curriculum? The Switched on Schoolhouse homeschool learning management software for grades 3 to 12 enhances traditional lessons by using multimedia features such as video clips and 3-D animation.

The curriculum offers five core subjects – the Bible, History and Geography, Science, Math and Language Arts – and an assortment of elective subjects. It is published by Alpha Omega Publications and is updated every year.

Its Bible curriculum is an in-depth study of the Old and New Testaments focusing on seven major themes: Biblical geography, Biblical literature, Theology, Attributes of God, Christian evidence, Christian growth plus a special focus for each grade level.

Its goal is to help students develop ways of practical Christian living. Its History and Geography curriculum aims to develop the student's understanding and appreciation of God's creation as seen through man and his relationships with the world.

Its major themes are World and American Geography; World, American and Religious History; Economics; Government; and Citizenship and Social Studies. Language Arts seeks to strengthen the student's communication skills in reading, writing, listening and speaking.

The major themes also include Special Subjects such as History of the English Language, the Bible as Literature and Study and Research Skills.

The Math curriculum builds Math skills through topics such as Number Skills, Data Analysis, Geometry, Algebra and Pre-Calculus.

The Science curriculum uses on- and off-computer lessons, including experiments, to develop observation skills while they study God's physical universe. The major strands include Nature of Science, Life Science, Physical Science and Space and Earth Science.

The Elective subjects offered in the Switched on Schoolhouse homeschool curriculum are intended to enrich the core curriculum and include American Literature, Elementary Spanish, GED Preparatory Math, Trigonometry, 20th Century American History and College Planner.

Homeschool reviews of the software have been largely positive, and SOS was recently awarded "Best Software Product" by The Old Schoolhouse Magazine's 2008 Excellence in Education Award. It is one of the best homeschool curriculum choices available.