Swivel office chairs

Today's working adult experiences days when they can't stop the constant e-mailing, calls and facsimile from rolling in every minute. Of course some businesses will crash if something as short as a two minute phone call is ignored. Office secretaries and personal assistants always have a lot on their hands -there are annual reports to write, meetings to prepare, orders to make and etc. All these routine work lead to a strained posture and it puts a lot of workers on the risk of muscle and back pain.

In the corporate world, swivel chairs have been an enormous blessing for stress relief miracle seekers. They give the kind of excitement a swing would give to a child. Files can be picked up easily without any need to stretch or bend extensively because swivel chairs are designed to rotate on the same spot. Some come with built- in casters for easy movement in all directions – linear, diagonally and circular while others have only a rotating base with capped legs maintaining a stationary position. The stationary swivel chairs are great for people who don't like the idea of rolling out the door on a loose screw.

What makes swivel chairs chic?

Swivel chairs are built with levers that control and adjust seat heights, swirl speed and angle, tilting and lock mechanisms. The manner in which they are fashioned makes it possible for shockwaves to transcend through the chair's frame without any sensed vibration. They are comfortable and available in elegant styles, different sizes, unique colors and solid upholstery. A swivel chair is a very good example of the modern day ergonomic chair.

What type of swivel chairs are available?

Armed swivel chairs:

These are the conventional swivel chairs seen regularly in almost every office. Armed swivel chairs are available in all kinds of materials - mesh, leather and wool and serve different purposes. There are electronic types with automatic control button for easy manipulation and the care of disabilities. Some swivel office chairs come with foot stools and are mainly found in executive rooms while others can be used as massage chairs that can adjust to any position. Arms are also adjustable 90 degrees forward and backwards. They are available in heights of 39" -40" and are easy to clean.

Armless swivel chairs:

They are like any other swivel chair but the unique factor that differentiates this group is the absence of chair arms. They are perfect for individuals who do not welcome the inconveniences of an armed chair or is avoiding the cost of broken arms in the nearest future. However, some armless chairs come with arm pads and can be procured for the sole purpose of hosting visitors and friends in office environments. They are available in varying seat heights of 29" to 44" with an average seat capacity of 200lbs to 400lbs.

Round or oval swivel chairs:

These chairs have sophisticated and elegant looks and are great for high fashion office environments. The seats are usually rectangular in shape fixed inside padded leather upholsteries or strong and highly refined transparent plastics. The look is complemented with a sparkling aluminum base that makes it resemble a wine glass. The result of this careful construction is a high catching look that adds panache to the office environment. The overall chair heights are from thirty to thirty-three inches.