Swivel Glider Recliner

Features of swivel rocker recliner chairs:

One of the most relaxing things to come home to after a long day of work is a swivel rocker recliner chair.  There are a number of recliner chairs, rocker recliners, and swivel rocker chairs on the market in thousands of different styles.  What separates a swivel rocker recliner chairs from every other armchair available is that it packs every feature into one seat.  In order to appreciate the versatility of a swivel rocker recliner chairs you must first understand each of its features.

Swivel - The swivel feature of chairs is great for multi-purpose rooms.  Perhaps your living room is divided into two parts- a formal and non-formal sitting area.  Utilize the space separating the two parts by putting a swivel rocker recliner chair in the middle.  When watching TV, recline and relax, when entertaining guests, swivel to the other side and sit upright.  

Rocker - While reading or watching television, rocking back and forth has been proven to have a calming effect on the body.  There are also studies conducted by the Medical College of Virginia that suggest rocking can help minimize the effects of dementia, arthritis, as well as build muscle tone.  Of course, rockers are also a great way calm and put to sleep a crying baby.  

Recliner -  Everyone is familiar with the benefits of getting comfortable in a recliner.  It relieves aching feet and legs, and minimizes tension in the back.  It is also proven to lower blood pressure as the heart has to do less work to deliver blood to all of your limbs.  

Types of swivel rocker recliner chairs:

Fabric recliner - The most common type of swivel rocker recliner chairs have a fabric cloth covering. They are popular because your color choices, and material stitching options are nearly infinite.  Stains can be an issue if you have pets or children, but with scotch guarding and a good fabric spot remover on standby, you should be fine.

Leather recliner - What was once considered a luxury is now growing in popularity among all classes.  Leather has the advantage of looking sleek and classy, and can be one of the best choices for dual purpose room.  Leather does require some maintenance to keep its sheen, but the process is simple and easy.  

Microfiber recliner - Microfiber swivel rocker recliner chairs are designed to combine the best of both fabric and leather.  Microfiber is highly stain resistant, and can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth.  Microfiber has been popular in European furniture for decades, and is just becoming common in US households.

Finding the perfect swivel rocker recliner chair takes patience and research.  Armed with your new found knowledge of reclining chair features and materials you can begin your search confidently.  During the initial stages of shopping it is always appropriate to visit furniture stores to see which type of swivel rocker recliner chairs is best for you, but don’t forget to check for deals online at authority sites like Amazon.com.