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This article is a Swivel Store product review.

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A Great Space Saver Product That Is Affordable and Requires No Installation - Awesome Product!

I bought a Swivel Store in November 2011, placed it in my kitchen cabinet, filled it with my universal sized spice bottles, flavored extract bottles and over-the-counter medications.  Organizing my spices, extracts and medications and placing them into the Swivel Store increased my kitchen cabinet space and my bathroom cabinet space by 25%.  In my opinion the Swivel Store is useful, well-made and holds up to what it claims it can do.  I give it Five Stars and a Thumbs Up.

The product measurements are 11.125" x 4.125" x 10.75" and fits in most universal sized cabinets.  It holds up to 20 standard sized bottles, requires no installation and increases your cabinet space and at the same time helps you get and stay organized.  The Swivel Store helps to declutter a cabinet filled with spice and medicine bottles.  When you need to find a spice or medicine bottle all you have to do is slide one Swivel Store shelf out towards you to easily access the product you are looking for.

Of course the Swivel Store can be used to store other products such as arts and craft products, beauty products and whatever else you can think of that fit into the Swivel Store.  Store hand and face creams squeeze bottles, nail polish remover bottles, nail polishes, small body sprays and perfume bottles too.  A lot of these products do fit into the Swivel Store. 

The Swivel Store has rubber tips on the bottom of its stand to help it stay securely in place when pulling out a one of its shelves.

What about the Cons?

After using the Swivel Store I realized that I was not able to place it in the corners of my cabinet and it's because when you slide one of the shelves out to reach your products, when you turn the shelf to face you the side of the shelf will hit the side of the cabinet and prevent you from opening it all the way.  Swivel Store must have a couple of inches of open space on each side of it for it to work properly.

I recorded a video to help illustrate some of the best places a Swivel Store space saver works within your cabinets.  In the video you will see when sliding one of the shelves out to turn open needs space on each side of the product to work properly.  I also offer a few other tips to help increase your kitchen and bathroom cabinet space.  After watching the video I have no doubt that you will understand exactly what I describe in the above Con paragraph.

Overall I give the Swivel Store Five Stars and a Thumbs up!  I definitely recommend buying the Swivel Store if you need to increase your cabinet storage space.  Aces of a product in my opinion.  Because it helped me increase my cabinet space by 25%, I decided to purchase a second Swivel Store to get organized even more and to increase my cabinet storage space another 25%.

Space Saver Swivel Store Product

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