Sydney Aquarium is most spectacular and is located in Darling Harbour, the central business district in Sydney. The best way to get to Darling harbor is to walk from the CBD, or to go there by tram.

Most people choose to walk because it is a very scenic view and there are many shops along the way you can stop in. Sydney Aquarium's spectacular views come from more than 650 species of fish numbering over 6000, as well as other sea creatures.

When you go to Sydney Aquarium, you go through an underwater tunnel that will give you an up close and personal view of the fish as they swim above and around you. Be inches away from massive sharks and stingrays as they mix with the smaller species of fish.

You're truly immersed in this underwater world, even as you remain dry and cozy. Besides this, there are wonderful little penguins in their special habitat. Their personality and charm that make them wonderful animals to watch.

Kids will love their tricks and antics, especially when it comes time to feed them. If you are adventurous, try diving. Yes, you can dive in Sydney Aquarium. For this experience, you get right into the aquarium with trained staff and have the sharks swim right by you.

Even though this is totally safe, it's not for the faint of heart, of course. Besides being just a popular tourist attraction, Sydney aAquarium is also a centre that focuses on marine conservation and research. It has done sea turtle tagging and invertebrate research.

You can also visit the special seal sanctuary at the aquarium. It houses Australian sea lions, New Zealand fur seals, and subantarctic fur seals. Some interesting points of fact are that Sydney Aquarium has 175 million litres of water and the Oceanarium you walk through is 13 m wide and 33 m long.

The final exhibit you'll see when you go to the aquarium is a beautiful reef theatre. There, activity in a coral canyon is observed through a window. The array of colors is striking and the movement here is enchanting. It's one of the aquarium's most popular exhibits.

If you're an ocean lover, you simply must see Sydney Aquarium. Animal lovers and anyone interested in Australian wildlife and the ecosystem also must see this remarkable exhibit. Tickets for adults are $25, and children's tickets are $13.