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Sylvania 3 in 1 LED Night Light Review


Bright illumination

Comes on when it gets dark

Works when the power goes off

When unplugged, it works like a flashlight



Utilitarian looking

Full Review

The Sylvania 3 in 1 LED night light is handy to have on hand. This powerful and reliable LED night light does three jobs for you. It turns on when it gets dark; if the power goes off, it comes on; and when you unplug it, you have a flashlight. This LED night light is perfect to have plugged in all around your house to help you and your family, from dusk to dawn, and whenever the electricity goes off.

Sylvania 3 in 1 LED Night Light Use #1

This great little LED night light helps you to move about when it is dark. It is a good idea to have one in the hall and in the bathroom, just in case someone needs to get up before daylight. The best thing about this LED night light is that it has a sensor that automatically turns it on when it gets dark and turns it off at dawn.

Sylvania 3 in 1 LED Night Light Use #2

The electricity goes off - how will you see to move around your home? No problem! You have the Sylvania 3 in 1 LED night light plugged in, so it comes on when the power goes off, and you can freely and safely move around your home or apartment. No more bumping into furniture or tripping over a pet. And that is a good reason to purchase several, and place one in each room of your house so they will come on when the power goes off.

Sylvania 3 in 1 LED Night Light Use #3

When the electricity goes off, you always wonder if it is just your house or the whole neighborhood. So, you want to go and check out your circuit box, but the flashlight is dead. Hey, no problem, just unplug the handy Sylvania 3 in 1 LED night light, and you have a flashlight that you can take with you to the garage and anywhere else you want to go.

In Closing

Can you imagine how great life would be if everything we bought could be used three ways? The Sylvania 3 in 1 LED night light can be ordered online from Amazon. Be sure to order an extra LED night light that you can put in your guest room for the safety of your guest. In addition to this LED night light, Sylvania also makes a cute Lady Bug 3 in 1 combination for children.

The Sylvania 3 in 1 LED Night Light also makes a nice gift. And you will be remembered for having given such a nice, thoughtful, and useful gift. So often, gifts are packed away for another time and/or not used. But when you give this LED night light, whoever receives it will go home and plug it in.

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