Want to know more about the Sylvester Stallone workout? Then you're not alone. In this article we will take a look at some of the key characteristics of this workout regime. Specifically, we will talk about who Sly is, how he keeps in shape, and some of the specific workouts he utilizes. By the time you have finished reading, you'll have a better understanding of the dedication and discipline required to stay in shape, and look like Rambo!

Sylvester Stallone, commonly known as "Sly", is a well known movie star. He is particularly famous for his numous action movies, such as the Rambo series and the Rocky series. He is now in his mid 60s, yet he still boasts an incredible physique.

How exactly does he do it? This is what we are going to take a look at. However, Sly is also known for his very hard work ethic – so it's obvious that it requires a lot of discipline to maintain his current build.

One aspect of how he stays in such incredible shape, is with a high protein diet. He has been quoted as saying "Anything with a face, that's what I eat, with something green next to it". The other main component to getting into this kind of shape is exercise. Sly works out 3 times a week, for 90 minutes each time. This is obviously a very intense workout.

Finally, let's look at some of the specific exercises he performs during his workout. To develop and maintain the abs, he uses exercises such as: Floor crunches, twisting crunches, and hanging raises. The advantages to these exercises is that they require very little gym equipment. In fact, you can perform the first two without any equipment at all. You can also intensify these exercises by using a weighted vest while you workout.

For the back, shoulders and arms, Sly favors weighted pull ups (using a weighted vest to increase resistance), low-cable rows, and barbell curls. These workouts are excellent for strengthening and toning the back and shoulder muscles.

Another important exercise to Sly, is the squat-jump pull-up. This involves performing a normal bodyweight squat, and when you come up – you also do a pull up. This is a powerful, and intense exercise. He performs 3 sets of 8 reps.

To summarize, this article has given you a quick overview of the Sylvester Stallone workout. In particular, we looked at who Sly is, how he manages to stay in such great shape, and some of the specific exercises he uses to work each key area of the body.