Are you looking for a way to keep your man busy for hours on end?

Do you need a great "man gift" on the cheap?

Have you been looking to buy one of these hot RC helicopters, but don't want to invest $50 or more in something you're not even sure you'll love?

Let me introduce you to the Syma S107G!

This RC helicopter is a $20 wonder that will keep you busy for hours.  This is not an exaggeration- I have spent hours and hours playing with this device!

I was first intoduced to this helicopter by my boss at my day job.  After talking with him, he tempted me into buying one, teasing me that "It's the best toy under $200 I've ever bought!"

I was a little skeptical when he told me that the Syma S107G was an indoor helicopter, but I still wanted to give it a try!  I had to jump in and figure out what he was talking about!

Ordering the RC Helicopter Was Really Easy

I purchased the S107G on just a few months ago.  The cost at that time was $19.95, and when I added a book I needed to my order to get me up to $25 the shipping was free.  The copter shipped from a US warehouse and was in my hands in just a few days.  Success!

Unpacking and Use of the Remote Control Helicopter

The Syma S107G came in a colorful cardboard box, complete with cool graphics and poorly translated marketing phrases.  It was fairly easy to unpack, with just a few twisty-tie straps holding down both the helicopter, controller and USB charging cable.

You'll want to immediately start charging and helicopter, a process that will take 45 minutes to 1 hour, depending on what charge the battery already has from the factory.  While your remote control helicopter is charging, find yourself (4) AA batteries for the controller.  They are not included in the packaging.

Flying the S107G

Flying this $20 wonder is a blast in itself.  When you take your first flight, you'll be a little shaky and crash the helicopter a few times.  The weird, but good truth about it all is that even on your first flight, you are able to point it where you want it, and you have a good bit of control.   This is what's really, really cool about this helicopter.  It is really easy to fly for anyone!  Each flight will last 7-10 minutes, and then it's time for a recharge!

Syma RC HelicopterCredit:

As you become more experienced in flying, you are now able to put this little helicopter wherever you want!  I can easily fly down narrow hallways, around corners and up and down the staircase with no problem.  It's worth noting, however, that any wind or AC running in your home will make flying the helicopter "fun".  It's small size and low weight makes it very easy move in the wind.

Conclusion - Should You Buy This?

So should you buy this $20 helicopter?  Is it worth it?

I have no problem telling you "Yes".  This is an amazing value for $20, and I have already got many, many hours of fun out of it.  Pets love it, kids love it, parents love it, everybody loves it!

Simply put, if you are looking for a RC helicopter toy for your personal enjoyment, look no further than the Syma S107G.  It's ease of flying combined with low cost make it a no-brainer!