A very appropriate way to express sympathy to the family of a recently departed is to send them some kind of a floral tribute. The flowers or plants will offer comfort to the family. Flowers often express feelings of life and beauty. A beautiful flower often also symbolizes the cycles of life and death making it a symbol of hope. A small reminder that life goes on even after death. The sympathy plant you choose can be sent the families home, or strait to the funeral service. Here are a few small suggestions for sympathy plants.

If you are interested in ordering sympathy plants or condolence flowers there are many options. Search around to find the one you think is most appropriate. You can even search online if you don't find anything you like locally.

The first option for a sympathy plant is a funeral spray. A funeral spray should be ordered a few days in advance of the funeral service if that is where you plan on sending it. These are created by a florist by arranging designs in flowers onto some floral foam. Many designs are available depending on the florist you go to. These can be sent to the service and include a card with your name and message.

Another thing that is appreciated to send to the memorial service or funeral is a funeral basket. This is a basket filled with flowers. These can vary based on the type of flower and the quantity of flowers. You will have to talk to a florist for further details on the options they offer.

You can also send a vase of flowers to the residence of the home if you are unable to send a sympathy plant to the service. You can send a flower vase to their residence both before and after the service but not the day of the service. No one will likely be around to pick it up on that day. You can talk to your florist for further help. They can suggest styles and flowers that would be most appropriate for your specific recipient.

A peace lily is a plant with beautiful white blooms that is kept indoors. It would be best to send this type of sympathy plant to the home of the family of the deceased. It is important to leave a message with the plant to share your condolences. If you are interested in other blooming plants a florist may have another plant that interests.