A saleswoman's plea

I know I know, you hear the word “salesperson” and instinctively cringe.  Hell I did it before I began a career in hotel sales.  But let’s take a step back and look at the bigger picture.  Everyone works in a company that performs sales in some capacity, from computer manufacturers to farmers to the mom-and-pop hardware store down the street.  With the amount of competition in any given market, firms that do not get the word out about their products will be overlooked and eventually fail.  Face it, the economy could not exist without salespeople.

I write this article for a partly selfish reason.  There are many people who are happy to hear what I have to say when I’m selling my hotel; it’s the others that cause problems.  Sales is a hard enough profession with the pressure to close in an environment with tons of competition.  We don’t need people yelling at us for no good reason, making our job that much more stressful.  What’s worse are the people who look down on salespeople, the ones who do not realize we are the ones who make our company the most money.  But enough of the rant.

Salespeople, for the most part, love their product and just want to tell others about it.  They want to put food on the table, and make the company money so all their coworkers can put food on their tables.  They forge real relationships with their clients and bust their butts to make them happy.  Sure there are plenty of bad eggs in the profession, but those exist in every type of career.  Keeping in mind that salespeople aren’t the slimy weasels society makes them out to be, try these tips when you encounter one (this can help you save money too):

Listen to Their Spiel

Even the most green salesperson knows they have literally seconds to grab your attention, so they try to keep their canned introduction as short as possible.  Not only that, but the version you’re hearing is probably their 178th rewrite, so do them a favor and listen to all of it. 

Ask As Many Questions As Possible

If you are interested, help the salesperson out by asking almost every question that comes to mind.  This helps them understand what’s most important to you, which means they’ll tailor the product to best fit your needs and budget.  You could end up with lots of extras at a still reasonable price.

Politely Decline If Uninterested

We get it, not everyone wants what we’re offering (we’ve heard enough rejections to know that).  Salespeople are inherently tough and have been hardened by tons of “no no no”’s, but that doesn’t give people the right to be rude.  Politely decline us with a “No thank you” and we’ll be on our way.

Realize Maybe You're Missing Something

There’s a reason salespeople are persistent, and it’s not all because they need a commission.  Oftentimes, a potential client is complacent and is avoiding you just because they don’t want to change brands, or the paperwork that goes with it.  However, in the long run changing who you do business with can save you money along with greater benefits.

The world of sales is cutthroat to be sure, and should stay that way. But there’s already enough mean-spiritedness in the world: a little kindness and respect can go a long way.   Be nice to the salesperson, and they'll be nice to you.

The BlitzCredit: http://overtimeselling.com/advice/managing-a-sales-team/Credit: http://overtimeselling.com/advice/managing-a-sales-team/