Whenever you take a look at a person with diabetes, you'd never know it, they almost always look completely healthy on the outside.

However it's what you don't see that is unhealthy about them.

This disease elevates the amount of glucose (a form of sugar) within the blood. As blood sugars levels remain high, over time, many complications can appear such as blindness, kidney failure, amputations, certain heart disease, and severe damage to the nerves can occur.

The quality of your child's life might depend upon you being able to recognize the symptoms of diabetes in children.

Diabetes in youngsters has reached epidemic levels in the United States. The incidence of this persistent(and sometimes even lethal) disease is predicted to continue to rise unless something serious is done.

Sadly for most people, it may be hard to see the symptoms of diabetes in children because most people simply don't know what they are. Continue reading bellow and and you will see why typically the symptoms of diabetes in children are usually spotted far too late.

When they have been spotted, medical doctors may be able to help immediately with some kind of treatment option which will allow you to manage diabetes and keep on living like a normal person.

So what, exactly, are the symptoms a kid with diabetes might experience?

Symptoms Of Diabetes In Children

1) They may need to urinate a lot more than most children - If you happen to discover your youngster having to go to the lavatory a lot more than is usual, or if he starts wetting his mattress often, bear in mind that this is likely one of the symptoms that many kids exhibit once they have developed diabetes. However, you shouldn't be too worried if that is the only symptom of diabetes that your baby exhibits. There are many other causes for elevated urination such as urinary tract an infection, the inability of the child to empty his or her bladder completely, or even Pollakiuria - which is normally called Daytime Urinary Frequency Syndrome. Nevertheless, if your youngster is having to urinate a lot more than regular, it is best to take him in to see his or her doctor anyways. All of the things that could be causing this have some form of treatment and it can be very frustrating for the child if it is left untreated.

2) A dramatic loss in weight - This is among the more extreme symptoms of diabetes in kids because it is abnormal for kids to lose weight. They normally gain weight. Different causes of dramatic weight loss in children are the unwanted effects of some medications and cancer. But, a child shedding a drastic quantity of weight in a brief time frame is a harmful sign, whether or not diabetes is involved, or not, and he ought to be taken to see the doctor soon.

3) The need to drink water or other liquids continually - In children with diabetes, fluids are pulled from the tissues of the body. This is because as sugar builds up in the bloodstream, it eventually reaches the place where the body has to get rid of the surplus glucose. It does this by eliminating the surplus sugar through the urine. Our bodies can't create urine with out water however. If the blood does not have enough water, the body has no other choice than to extract water from the other tissues. This causes the body to get dehydrated which results in the thirst mechanism kicking in.

4) Extreme hunger - a kid with diabetes can show the urges to eat constantly and still not gain any weight. It is because his body is unable to get all of the nutrition out of the food that is eaten. In effect, the food just falls through their body.

Other Symptoms Of Diabetes In Children:

o Frequent infections - Most think of this as just part of childhood.

o Blurry vision - Your little one might not inform you as their blurred vision can come and go. It is never constant.

o Cuts/bruises which take an excessive amount of time to heal - It is easy to assume the cut was just a "bad one" and is taking longer than usual to heal.

o Tingling/numbness in the arms or toes - Again you child might not let you know about this because it is rarely, if ever, constant.

o Irritability – This seems to typically be labeled as parent/child confrontations. Also many parents who have teenagers simply suppose it is a regular a part of the teenage years.

You definitely won't see all of these symptoms at once. You will discover one of them, then a month or two latter you may see another.

What To Do If You See Symptoms Of Diabetes In Children

Get your child examined for diabetes as soon as possible. The check is straightforward and painless. The longer you wait the tougher the disease might be to control.

These symptoms might not even be seen until the disease in is full force. It is important to understand these symptoms. With early detection, kids with type 2 diabetes can be taught to manage the illness with proper diets as well as exercise.

Left untreated the symptoms of diabetes in children lead to much worse treatment. Medications and insulin shots usually need to be used to regulate diabetes. Diabetes is a disease that should not be taken lightly.

There are two types of diabetes, type 1 and type 2.

Type 1 diabetes occurs when the body stops producing insulin.

Type 2, the most common kind of diabetes, happens when the body develops a resistance to insulin, or does not produce enough insulin. Type 2 diabetes, which was once labeled adult onset diabetes, has become extremely prevalent among children. It is very clear that adults are not the only ones who can get type 2 diabetes.

There are two major factors contributing to the rise in type 2 diabetes in children. The main factors are: Children are much more inactive in this day and age and the second is that they have significantly more unhealthy diets. Our way of life of fast-food, TV, computers, and hand-held video games has put many at risk of developing diabetes.