There are many symptoms of shingles in adults to look out for when this condition is concerned. Depending on what nerves in the body is affected, they can show up anywhere on the body even the face. The most common symptoms are itching, tingling,burning,aching body and a shooting pain anywhere on the body. Shingles is not contagious but anyone who as ever got chicken pox can get infected with this type of virus.

 Usually on the first 3 days you will experience pain and a pink rash will also appear on the skin. You can also get blisters that are full of puss and this can last for a further 10 days. It is extremely important that you get the right treatment to help heal the skin much faster and it is also recommended not to scratch or pop the blisters as it could cause more pain or infection.

 If symptoms of shingles start appearing near the eyes it is strongly recommended to see your family doctor for advice. Shingles can sometimes be hard to diagnose as the symptoms are very similar to having hives, but the best way of knowing if you have this virus is if you have blistering on the skin that is on one side of the body.

Best At Home Treatment For Shingles

 Self care at home is the best way to get fast relief from shingles. Applying a natural treatment for shingles has been found to be very effective and gentle on the skin. Here are a few tips that you should follow to help with your uncomfortable symptoms.

 Avoid Scratching The Skin: This is very important as it can cause scarring of the skin and also cause a bacterial infection to occur.

 Apply Cold Compresses To The Skin: To minimize redness and burning of the skin you should regularly apply cold compresses to the skin using a damp cloth. It is also important to know that if your blisters have popped the fluid can be contagious to anyone who has had the chicken pox virus.

 Keep Skin Clean: Keeping your skin dry and clean will help any irritation to the skin. Also do not wear clothes that are too tight, wearing loose clothes is the best while treating shingles.

 Symptoms Of ShinglesSome individuals may experience quite a lot of pain and using a cortisone cream can help with severe pain as well as reduce inflammation on the skin. Usually you will need to get a prescription for this types of creams as not everyone can use this type of treatment.

 Symptoms of shingles in adults can re - occur in individuals and the best way to avoid this is to strengthen your immune system especially if you are over 50. This can be done by watching what you eat and consuming a lot of green vegetables which contain important vitamins and nutrients. Regular exercise can also help strengthen your immune system and body.