Depression is like an eclipse of the mind

Depression is like an eclipse of the mind and emotions, a serious illness that can affect the work, family and social life of a person. It is important not to hide it, but to know the causes and what possibilities we have. Let us look at the symptoms of depression and how to avoid it.

Depression is a normal human reaction associated to a loss, the sadness sensation passes--but if it doesn't--it becomes more persistent and it can translate into a nervous breakdown. The diseases of the nervous system are very serious and that is why it is important not to ignore them without professional help when we realize we can't handle them by ourselves.

Some of the symptoms of depression: lack of energy, fatigue, indifference, hoplessness, sadness, loss of focus and concentration because nothing matters. In the earlier stages some ways to prevent or avoid it may be early morning meditation before the sadness kicks in. Consuming healthy vitamin rich foods, physical activities, even walking each day. Drink lots of pure water and green tea. Avoid alcohol completely as this is a known depressant. Avoid tobacco and ingesting any toxic elements into the body. Discuss your lack of hope and feelings with someone close or a specialist, this has to happen sooner than later.

There is not a single source that causes depression. This is a complex disease that can appear as a result of multiple causes. Depression can also be transmitted among persons that are close to each other, by influence.

There is proof that individuals suffering from depression are in the midst of brain changes, in some cases the cause may be genetic. Children affected by the depression of their parents may become chronically affected by this illness.

The symptoms of depression and avoiding it can be a tall order for many. They are unable to help themselves as it is just too close to get a perspective on. Looking after your friends, family and isolated neighbor can go a long way to curing someone with depression and living a fulfilled and happy life. Treatable depression can be hard to prevent once melancholy has taken root. The best method to avoid another crisis after a chronic depression episode is to keep open to it's symptoms and it's causes. Get professional help.