It is important to know what the testicles are before we go any deeper. The testicles are male glands and come in a pair, their main work is to produce and store sperms. They are also the main sources of the male hormone known as testosterone. This male hormone is important in every man as it controls the development of the male reproductive system and all other male physical characteristics such as beards and muscles.

These wonderful creations are located just below the penis in the scrotum. So when either of the testicles or both of them are affected by cancerous cells then that is when you know that you are suffering fro testicular cancer. Ways in which you may know you have testicular cancer include visiting a doctor frequently, this way you doctor will do a routine check up and he may discover some abnormalities in your testis.

One of the most common ways in which a man can discover he has symptoms of testicular cancer would be by himself. It could be when taking a birth and you notice the following symptoms, then you should see a doctor as soon as possible because untreated cancer can be fatal
It could be a lump in the testicle or even a swelling and this lump or swelling could be totally painless.  You can also experience sharp pains in the scrotum, or a lot of pain and discomfort in one or both testicles.

You probably know the size of your testicle so even by any chance you notice an enlargement or change in the way it feels, it could be the smoothness then you definitely need to see a doctor.
If you are in the bathroom or standing naked in your room and you notice that you scrotum is heavy then you need to see a doctor. This is because if it is too heavy then it is mostly swollen or enlarged.

The pain must not be only on the scrotum; it can be experienced in the lower abdomen or on the back. This are also symptoms that you need to take up to your doctor.  Some of these symptoms may be realized by your spouse during sex and so if she realizes any and tells you make sure you see a doctor.

Remember , not all these symptoms may end up being testicular cancer they may be as the result of other infections but all in all incase you get any of the symptoms make sure you see a doctor.