The mouth is usually the place where you will notice the first symptoms of throat cancer. A lump in the mouth or throat is usually the most common throat cancer symptom. Almost 70% of those who have throat cancer diet knows will have already had it for quite a time and it will more than likely be in its advanced stages. It's important therefore to be able to look for the signs and symptoms of throat cancer. Unfortunately, throat cancer has one of the highest mortality rates among cancers. A late diagnosis is the main cause of this. This is because in many cases the signs and symptoms of throat cancer are similar to those of other conditions such as a sore throat.

So, when should you actually be visiting the doctor? Well obviously you don't need to visit a doctor every time you have a sore throat. But if that sore throat is persisting for longer than a week then it would be advisable that you go and get it checked out. There also other symptoms such as any lumps or swelling in the mouth or neck area, unexplained coughing, unexplained weight loss, leaving from either the nose on the mouth. Obviously if you are getting any of these symptoms, and you are afraid that they may be the symptoms of throat cancer then you should visit your physician immediately.

There are other symptoms of throat cancer which are caused by tumors in the throat. With these types of throat cancer symptoms can also be bleeding from the nose or mouth. It probably doesn't need to be said, but if you start bleeding from any area you should visit your doctor straightaway. If there are blockages or swellings in your throat you may have trouble swallowing. Eating solid foods can sometimes become an impossibility so too can drinking liquids. If you get any of these signs you shouldn't automatically think that you have throat cancer, it could be some other conditions such as a viral infection, but a quick visit to your physician will clear this up.

Pain in the ears when swallowing food can be another symptom of throat cancer. If there is a diagnosis of throat cancer, there will normally be more than one symptom. Once there is a suspicion that throat cancer might be present, your physician will need you to take a series of tests in order to be certain that cancer is present. A biopsy will be needed as a method of determining the type of cancer that you have. A biopsy is where a piece of the cancerous tissue is taken for analysis.