Do you suffer from abscessed or abscessed tooth and wondering what the symptoms are and how to treat it? This is a painful infection which occurs at the root of your tooth or even between your gums and  a tooth. This condition can be treated quickly but if it’s not it can be very painful and potentially life-threatening. Therefore you must understand what the symptoms of abscessed tooth are and why having one can lead to an infection. Getting abscessed tooth can occur if you have an untreated cavity or a cracked tooth and you don’t treat it. It can also happen with an untreated toothache or overall severe tooth decay.

What Are the Symptoms of Abscessed Tooth?

 Here are some things you might have experienced:

- If you have a toothache that is very painful and won’t go away.

- If you have a fever

- A bad smelling taste to your mouth. 

- Overly sensitive teeth.

- Swollen gums, redness and general discomfort.

What to Do if you have Abscessed Tooth?

See a dentist to treat your abscessed tooth and he will work on how to eliminate he infection and help your teeth.

You will most likely be prescribed antiobiotics and told to rinse your mouth daily with warm salt water and told to take pain medication.

You might also need to get a root canal or a tooth removed so no complications occur.

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How to Prevent Abscessed Tooth

You don’t want to deal with having this condition in the first place, so it’s important to prevent it from ever happening!

Thankfully there are a number of preventative methods you can take to prevent abscessed tooth from occurring.

* First, you should definitely go to the dentist regularly for cleanings. This will eliminate plaque and keep your teeth clean and healthy.

* Obviously brushing your teeth every day is recommended, but you should also consider using a fluoridated toothpaste to do it.

Consequences of An Untreated Abscessed Tooth

While this may not seem like the most serious condition ever, an untreated abscessed tooth can actually lead to very serious complications and even death.

In 2011, a man named Kyle Willis died from an untreated dental abscess in Cincinnati.

So you definitely want to act quickly if you are spotting any of the symptoms of this condition and even if you are not, you should try to take some preventative measures just in case.

An abscessed tooth may also not heal for a couple of reasons and you may actually need to get a root canal treatment to cure it.

- Best Toothpaste for Abscessed Tooth Prevention– This is one of the best toothpastes on the market in my opinion. Contains baking soda and peroxide, refreshing mint.

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One of the best toothpastes on the market, in my opinion. Contains baking soda and peroxide.

* Also switch your toothbrush every 5-6 months or so.

* Consider flossing your teeth every single day. Flossing is so underrated! It removes food and plaque and can keep your teeth clean, and it’s so simple and easy to do. Make it a daily habit and part of your routine.

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Flossing is very easy to do and effective!

* Consider using an antibacterial or fluoride mouth wash as well. A good one will aid in the prevention of cavaties and reduce tooth decay – not to mention it will refreshen your breath!

* Eat less sugary foods and limit or stop drinking coffee and soda altogether. These are bad for your teeth and could lead to cavaties and then  abscessed tooth.

* Consider quitting smoking if you do it. Another thing that’s bad for your teeth.

* Important: Remember if you have an abscessed tooth already, you still have to brush and flosh. But you might want to consider getting a toothbrush that is very sensitive on the teeth, because normal brushing will definitely hurt a lot!

A toothbrush like the Oral-B Pro-Health Gentle Clean tooth is a great product because it will signal you when to change the brush (comes with three heads) and the brushheads are soft enough not to cause you much or any pain. 

 This toothbrush is also good even if you don't have abscessed tooth and just have sensitive gums or teeth.

Here's what one reviewer had to say:

"It does the work for you, vibrating thousands of times a second and massages your gums. It lets you clean your teeth without scraping your gums with a toothbrush, which can cause them to recede and bleed, and it also reaches between your teeth to catch plaque and germs."

Check it out below.

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A sensitive toothbrush that you should consider using if you have abscessed tooth OR if you have sensitive teeth and gums in general.

This will clean your teeth without causing you pain and scraping your gums. It's easy to use and it even signals you when to change the brushhead!
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This is another gentle toothpaste which is great if you have sensitive teeth and gums.

It's also great for whitening your teeth. It contains low abrasion and non-acidic formula contains no preservatives, artificial sweeteners, colors or flavors

These are a couple of the most effective ways to both treat and prevent abscessed tooth.

I hope this article helped you better understand Symtoms of Abscessed Tooth and How to Prevent It!