If you are like me then you spend a lot of time sorting out your playlists and ratings. My problem was that I use iTunes with my iPod but I have to use Windows Media Player if I want to use my Playstation as a media box (in the lounge with the big TV!)

While you can export playlists in iTunes, you cannot import them directly into Media Player. Additionally iTunes doesn't let you export rating information! However I found a nice little application that will do it for me, called Music Bridge. It was very simple and easy to use - I will tell you how I did it.

Step 1:

Go to the website and click on "Download MusicBridge 2.0.1". That will take you to a download.com site where you can hit 'download now' to get the software. Open the zip file and run the install.

Step 2:

Load up Music Bridge. On the left you will see controls for iTunes and in the middle you will see them for Windows Media Player. For me, I wanted Windows Media Player to have the rating information that I had in iTunes, so I clicked on 'Ratings' under 'Sync from iTunes'. What this does is copy that rating information to the music file, so that Media Player will pick it up.

That is it - you are done!

If you are a more advanced user, there is a command line interface which you can use. In addition with windows scheduler you can get it to automatically update your playlist information.

Problems you might have.

Since this application copies information about music from one application to another, they both have to be pointing at the same music files. Music Bridge won't make duplicates of your music. These music files must also be playable on both applications.

If you have any questions, leave a comment or go to the Music Bridge website.