Syracuse Orange Fans Love Their Team!

There are few fans more devoted than those who root for the Syracuse Orange. I know this because I married a man from Syracuse and have spent a lot of time in the upstate New York area with family and friends. I have attended many games over the last thirty years, and the feelings natives have for all of the university teams run deep.

Why is these college teams so popular with the locals? Syracuse does not have a major league baseball team of it's own, nor does it have a professional hockey, football or basketball team. Those who live in the Central New York area either have to pledge their allegiance to a downstate New York team or to any of the professional franchises in Buffalo, which is two hours away.

While they do have favorite professional teams, it is the Syracuse Orange, formally known as the Orangemen, who have the hearts of residents everywhere. The Dome is packed for each and every game, and during away games played in our area, my husband feels right at home among a sea of orange tee shirts and sweatshirts sitting in the crowd. He knows he is not alone.

Syracuse Mascot History

Syracuse University was established on March 24, 1870. There have been several mascots over the years.

In the 1920’s, a goat named Vita was the college’s mascot. She would be dressed up for the game.

The year 1931 saw the debut of The Saltine Warrior. This mascot was a Native American figure that went by the name of Big Chief Bill Orange, and he was created from a fabricated story published in the school newspaper. Supposedly, his long buried remains were found in an excavation near the women’s gym.

In 1978, members of the Native American student organization called foul on the Saltine Warrior and it was then sidelined for good. It took several years for another mascot to take it’s place, and sometime around 1980, an SU cheerleader named Erick Heath is credited with creating the first design of Otto.

In the 1980’s the large Orange became one of the most popular figures at the Syracuse games played at the Dome. It wasn’t until 1997 that Otto the Orange became the official mascot of Syracuse University. [1]

Syracuse Orange Halloween costumes are another way for fans to show their team spirit. My own children have owned some of these, as they were given as gifts from our Central New York family!

Otto the Orange Pillow Pet

Sweet dreams for fans!

NCAA Syracuse Orange Pillow Pet
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Syracuse fans will love to go to sleep with this fluffy and huggable Otto the Orange Pillow Pet.

Syracuse Mascot Halloween Costumes for Toddlers

Syracuse Orange Mascot Costume for ToddlersCredit: infancy, children are dressed in all kinds of Syracuse Orange attire, and this is also true at Halloween.

Have you ever been to Central New York at the end of October? Trick or treating in Syracuse is COLD! Fans know this, so the costumes must not only look great, but add a layer of warmth. This Otto the Orangeman toddler sized costume is a full zipper from top to bottom, so it goes on quickly and comes off easily. The fabric is soft so it will not bother a young child's sensitive skin. You can add thermals under the costume to keep your child toasty warm as s/he goes door to door.

This outfit can also be worn to the Dome or any home where you are watching the big game (and in Syracuse, every game is a big game!)

Syracuse Orange Costume-Otto

Syracuse Orange Youth Halloween Costume
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Let's go Orange! This full body Otto costume is bright and cheery with the blue and orange colors of Syracuse University. The head covering will keep your child warm, and with a matching blue or orange turtleneck underneath, you son or daughter will stay warm on a chilly October nightThis costume can be worn by both boys and girls.

Syracuse Orange Football Player Costume

Syracuse Football Player CostumeCredit: football games are fun to attend and watch. If your son is too young to play the game, he can still get into the spirit of things with this costume of a Syracuse football player. It comes with everything you see-helmet, team jersey, plastic shoulder pads and pants. It also comes with iron on numbers so your child can choose which one he wants to be.

It is not intended to be used as an actual uniform while on the playing field, but solely as a costume.

Fans of Syracuse University are a breed apart.  These costumes show their spirit for their team.

This costume comes in different sizes for fans of all ages.