If you develop a good system to make money flipping sites we can create yourself a pretty profitable business. The return on the investment can be quite high but the process does not have to be complicated and time consuming. If your goal is to make fast cash you need to follow a system that will allow you to build simple and well structured site in one day.

Before we discuss the details, if you are unsure what website flipping really is let me explain the concept. As a "site flipper" you build websites with the sole purpose of selling them on the market to buyers looking for "turnkey websites". In case you haven’t heard of “website flipping” let me give you a quick introduction. There are several marketplaces for this type of activity, such as www.flippa.com and www.ebay.com, two of the most popular and best of all, it does not require a huge investment to start.

One of the best approach to create a website for resale is to target specific, yet attractive niches. Today, the Wordpress platform (available at no cost) allow you to quickly build a blog around a topic and get it up and operating in a matter of hours, including functionalities such as plugins and widgets.

The basic resources required to move forward are:

Blog builder: www.Wordpress.org
Site hosting: www.HostMonster.com
Domain registration: www.NameCheap.com

The process of building a website for resale consists in creating content pages that require little maintenance. You can write unique content (best strategy) or use private label right content with sources such as www.PrivateLabelReleases.com. I prefer to write my own content. My preferred method is to spot a good quality article from www.ezinearticles.com and completely rewrite it to make it totally unique. Or I use content from an eBook and rewrite it in my own terms. I found both ways to be quick and effective.

To design your blog in an attractive way, you can use the following themes:

- Studio Press Themes (Revolution and Allure are my favourites): www.studiopress.com/themes
- Mimbo Theme: www.darrenhoyt.com/downloads/mimbo3.zip

Once your blog is created and operational, you are ready to sell it on the marketplace. I recommend to register an account at www.Flippa.com, by far the most popular place to flip a site. Your listing will have top exposure with a vast community of avid buyers. Another great place to go is www.warriorforum.com where you can list your web properties for sale, at a cost of $20 per listing. The trick is to offer multiple sites in one listing.

The Digitalpoint.com forum is another place to consider to list sites for sale. To list your properties you need to have an account for a minimum of 14 days and make at least 25 posts. This is a good place to make money flipping websites as there is no cost involved, but if have funds, Flippa.com or Warriorforum.com are better solutions because they attract a much higher volume of potential buyers.