Internet access through Wi-Fi and T-Mobile's 3G network.
Sleek features.
Lots of options.
Updated technology.


Heavy and bigger than a regular cell phone.
Contacts may not transfer.
Overwhelming with the choice of functions.
Uncomfortable on the ear because of the slight curve.


Full Review

MyTouch Slide Smartphone Review

On June 2, 2010 T-Mobile released it's latest 3G smartphone the MyTouch Slide. A smartphone is different from a regular cell phone because of its ability to do much more than just make a phone call. Smartphones can be used as global positioning systems (GPS) and to send and receive email, listen to MP3 music, surf the internet, and much more.

The 3G MyTouch Slide by T-Mobile is supposed to be comparable to the Apple iPhone. With a slide out QWERTY keyboard, the MyTouch Slide is a little bit heavier than a smartphone without a full keyboard. The advantage of having a QWERTY keyboard is speed in typing plus the choice of whether to use the MyTouch Slide touch screen keyboard. The onscreen touch keyboard is a little bit small, so people with big fingers will likely have a problem using it. Another advantage of the MyTouch Slide is that accidental pocket dialing is less likely to happen. Speaking of pocket dialing, it is hard sometimes just to figure out how to make a simple phone call, edit the contact list, or end a call.

The MyTouch Slide is loaded with music, wallpaper, Google Maps, and can access the internet. Because it is able to do so many things the learning curve is great. Coming from a T629 cell phone the MyTouch Slide seems overwhelming. Android smartphones can access the huge Android app market that has thousands of downloadable applications for free and a fee. Some apps come installed on the MyTouch like the barcode scanner or you can download free apps like Google Sky. There are apps for just about anything that you can think of including mobile banking apps and apps to find the best discounts during the holiday shopping season.

The MyTouch Slide battery drains very fast. There are so many programs running that the battery is called on to do a lot therefore making it last only about 1.5 days. The quick run down of the battery was surprising. There is supposed to be an app that somehow helps prolong the battery, but I have not tried it. (update: I installed the App Killer app, but the battery still drains fast. Make sure to check the App Killer settings.)

A cool feature of the MyTouch Slide is that it connects to the 3G mobile network. This smartphone can access the internet either through Wi-Fi or through the 3G network. Pages load fairly quick, but just keep in mind that it is a cell phone and not a cable internet connection. Having cable internet has me spoiled so at first I was a little impatient with the page load time. Overall, the MyTouch Slide is a smooth, fast cell phone.

Motorolla Cliq vs MyTouch Slide

I compared the MyTouch Slide to several other smartphones including the Motorolla Cliq. The Cliq has a full keyboard also, but the operating system is much slower than the MyTouch. The other competition is the Blackberry Bold, but with the Blackberry you also have to pay for a separate GPS plan, which is $9.99/month. The MyTouch has Google Maps preloaded. The Blackberry Bold looked like a good phone, but because it runs more on the Blackberry system the MyTouch was preferable.

When you upgrade to the MyTouch Slide from T-Mobile there is an increase in the cell phone bill. Because this smartphone is dependent on the transfer of data it is required that you buy a data plan. The data plan is in addition to the text plan, so that adds about $30 to $40 to the cell phone bill. When you buy an expensive smartphone like this you have to seriously consider buying cell insurance for it. There is a general warranty coverage for the first year, but these cell phones are hot to steal*.

Buying the MyTouch Slide smartphone is an investment. I weighed heavily whether or not I actually needed all of the features that come with the phone, plus paying the extra money on the data plan. Buying the MyTouch was a good idea. It will take some time to get used to the difference from a regular cell phone, but the next time I get lost and can pull out my phone and tap in the GPS then I think it'll definitely be worth it.

In Closing

I recommend the T-Mobile 3G MyTouch Slide smartphone, especially to anyone who is trying to stay abreast of technology. Perhaps after having it for awhile that might change, but so far it's a good phone.

Be aware of cell phone insurance costs. Is is worth is to insure a smartphone?