T-mobile is one of the leading wireless communications network provider on the market. They utilize both GSM and CDMA network technologies which makes their phones usable abroad.

T-mobile is also known for being the first one to employ Google's Android, which is also called the mobile Linux operating system, on their smartphones. T-mobile cell phone reviews are available as they offer a wide array of various models of cell phones from different brands.

T-mobile's my Faves with tag line "stick together" is an additional feature which is used to compare the different cell phone models in the various T-mobile cell phone reviews. This feature like its tag line promotes sticking together by allowing unlimited calls nationwide to five of its user's fave numbers, may it be a landline or mobile number on other networks.

With such a good feature, people with family members and close friends living in the different states who have no T-mobile coverage will no longer hesitate to get a T-mobile cell phone. T-mobile's my Faves also allows its users to change his or her five fave numbers every month which makes it more enticingly convenient.

T-mobile offers a set of my Fave plans for families to choose from which are rather cheaper as compared to other networks family plans.

Another feature provided by this network is their T-mobile Unlimited HotSpot Calling. This feature enables its users unlimited nationwide calls in a location where wi-fi is available. Some of the T-mobile phones are compatible to this service.

For an added low fee, T-mobile users can now use their own wi-fi to make more clearer calls all over the country. A T-mobile cell phone which is HotSpot enabled can also switch to being a regular mobile cell phone using regular calling minutes when out of wi-fi coverage.

These are indeed two value-added features that T-mobile have integrated into their wide array cell phones models.

As a buyer looking for the most useful cell phone T-mobile offers, it is best to check T-mobile cell phone reviews on various phones such as the T-Mobile Sidekick phone review or the T-Mobile Blackberry Curve review to decide if the cell phone you are interested are compatible with these features.

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