Working on the Road

Samsung’s 7” Galaxy Tab from T-Mobile has made this Entrepreneur’s life just a little bit easier.

Being an Entrepreneur and working from home selling a great little DIY home wiring tool ( has been a claustrophobic experience. If you’ve ever tried the home office gig, you know how quickly stir crazy can set in.  I have been using the HP Pavilion dv9000 17” laptop as my only computer and dragging it from Starbucks to Panera Bread for a change of scenery, and lugging it through airport security during my business trips.( If you’ve been living under a rock for 5 years someone should tell you that both Starbucks and Panera Bread have free WiFi). The HP is a beautiful machine, but taking it from place to place was like carrying a deck chair strapped to my shoulder…and just as difficult to set up once I got there. Since I’m an avid reader as well, and find that I MUST read while drinking coffee, my typical equipment list would include my roller bag for the laptop, because the HP Laptop is just under 1,000lbs, power supply, 1 paperback book, and my HTC Google phone.  Think that finding that large corner table with a power outlet is difficult? Try setting up for a 4 hour flight with the same stuff.

The iPad is, of course, what got me thinking about finding a better way to handle staying in touch with my business and not actually having to set up a laptop to do it. The iPad had several things against it my book:

  1.  I still had to carry it. I know, it’s not heavy and is nowhere near the size of the Laptop, but if I was going to make a change…
  2. It’s Apple. They make wonderful, groundbreaking software and hardware, but I am literally an old PC guy. And I have an Android phone already.
  3. Money. It was over $600 when I was looking and I’m also pretty cheap.

Then a friend got the 7” Galaxy Tab and I knew I’d found the right device! First of all it felt like a solid piece of equipment. Heavier than I expected at 13.4 oz, it had a kind of comfortable heft to it. The 7” screen was surprisingly bright and the Android OS very familiar. I literally just picked it up and started using it.

I purchased the Tab at the T-Mobile store in Tampa. With their help it literally took 5 minutes to set it up to receive both my GMail and Outlook e-mails and find all my favorite applications to download and start using. Now I go everywhere with my Galaxy Tab!

  1. It fit in my pocket! Well, in my suit/jacket pockets and the back pockets of some of my jeans and shorts.
  2. I watched videos from Samsung’s Media Hub on a flight to Kansas City – easy to set up, GREAT audio and picture quality
  3. No more books to carry! I immediately downloaded the Kindle Reader app.
  4. No more laptop bag or the crap that collects in it. Of course, now I can’t find any paperclips.
  5. I loaded all my work files on to Drop Box and it is ­so simple to view my Excel and Word files. No worries about leaving info on the laptop.

The 2 things I missed about travelling with the laptop were being able to use Quickbooks, which is how I manage the financial end of, and watching Netfilx, which I’m addicted to. Splashtop handled that for me! Splashtop is a relatively simple remote desktop software that allows me to dial right in to my main computer and launch either program. I’ll be follow up with the full details on that process soon too.

90 days and owner and still happy with my choice of the Samsung Galaxy Tablet.