One of the best airlines for quality service and friendly cabin crews is TACA Airlines. A flight to El Salvador or any of their Latin American destinations from the United States or Canada is like flying used to be, before the days of ultra discount air carriers. The great thing about flying with TACA is that you are treated to great/friendly service, yet you will also be getting cheap airline tickets.

TACA are very competitive with their pricing and recently many discount flights from the US have been advertised to destinations like Costa Rica, El Salvador and Peru. TACA has two air hubs. All flights bound for Central America or South America will stop in the El Salvador hub and flights to South America will stop in the Lima, Peru hub as part of TACA's alliance with TACA Peru.

The headquarters for TACA Airlines is in San Salvador, El Salvador. Because all of TACA's Latin American flight traffic is routed through El Salvador, it has made pricing very competitive. The other major airlines such as American Airlines, Delta Air Lines and Continental are aggressive with their airfare pricing to San Salvador. This is fantastic for travelers searching for cheap flights to El Salvador.

Using a travel aggregator or search engine like Travelocity or you can check easily for low fares. The airport code for El Salvador is SAL. You will likely find the better airfares if you conduct your travel search from US cities that TACA have service.

TACA offer flight service from these US and Canadian cities:

Chicago, Dallas, Houston, LA, New York, Orlando, San Francisco, Toronto and Washington / Dulles.

TACA flights to Vancouver, BC Canada.

In addition to those cities, Miami is a very competitive market for airfares to Latin American destinations. For example, the American Airlines flight (flight 0925 MIA - SAL ) to El Salvador out of Miami, Florida is frequently one of the best prices from the US.

Company Information for TACA Airlines

The airline was founded in 1931. In 2010, the average age of TACA's fleet of airplanes was under 4 years old. They have won SkyTrax awards in 2009 and 2010 for the following categories:

  • Best Airline Central America
  • Best Regional Airline
  • Best Cabin Staff

TACA are in the process of becoming part of the STAR Alliance. They have "partnerships" with the following airlines:

AeroSur (Bolivia), Avianca (Colombia), Iberia (Spain), Lufthansa (Germany), TAME (Ecuador), United Airlines (USA) and US Airways (USA).

TACA Airlines is an airline that many people living in the United States or Canada may not have heard of, yet it is arguably the best airline in terms of price and quality for flights to South America and Central America.