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TD Ameritrade functions as an online broker for over six million customers in the United States and other international customers. The services offered include ETFs, option trades, fixed income, mutual funds, preferred stocks, common stocks, margin lending, as well as cash management services. The services are ideal because the company understands trading times internationally.

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Understanding the foreign exchange market is of great interest to professionals as well as beginners opting to merely dabble in the market. Knowing when and where to trade is of great benefit to anyone interested.

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TD Ameritrade trading times are quite simple. The trading hours are open twenty-four hours per day. Currencies can be traded 24 hours per day starting on Sunday afternoon Eastern Standard Time through Friday afternoon Eastern Standard Time. The market, being open 5 days per week, always has at least a single financial center which is open. There are a few markets which close at night, but have no fear as there is always another market open elsewhere. The hours which each major trading point supports all overlap with one another making the TD Ameritrade trading times open twenty-four hours per day. So while the market is technically open twenty four hours per day, there are some hours which are better in which to trade than others, offering better profits.


In order to uncover the best TD Ameritrade trading times, any broker or investor will want to seek times when there is a large volume of currencies being traded so as to offer the best benefits. There are certain overlapping times wherein multiple international markets are trading at the same time, which offers you more from which to choose. For every time zone within forex trading times, the companies operate from 8 in the morning until 4 in the afternoon. Therefore, the heaviest trading volumes will occur when these time zones overlap and are most active. With active markets, one will likely make more of a profit, whereas with slower markets there is very little opportunity for profits to be made.

Trading Schedule


Worldwide trading times open with New Zealand. They are followed by Australia. Following Australia is Asia, but more specifically, Japan. After Japan is the Middle East. The Middle East is followed by Europe, wherein the main focal point is London. Lastly, is America, wherein the main focal point for trade options is New York. If you are following Eastern Standard Time, Australia begins at 5pm and is open until 1am. Tokyo opens at 7pm until 3am. Singapore and Honk Kong are open from 9pm until 5am. Frankfurt opens from 2am until 10am. Lastly, for example, London is open from 3am until 11am. This means that around 5 in the morning, Eastern Standard time, trade in Asia stops but trade in Europe is at its best. As the market in New York begins at 8am, the European Market is closing. As the European market is closing, the market in Australia is completing another full day. There are two main overlapping sessions for trade. New York and London overlap from 8am until 12am Eastern Standard Time. Sydney and Tokyo also overlap but from 7 at night until 2 in the morning. London and Tokyo therefore overlap for a single hour which is from 3 in the morning Eastern Standard Time until 4 in the morning Eastern Standard Time.

Summary: TD Ameritrade trading times can lead to very positive results should you know what times in which to trade. Trading between the Euro and the US dollar, likewise between the GBP and the US dollar, and also the CHF and the US dollar should take place between 8 in the morning and 12 am Eastern Standard Time.