There are many reasons you might need to detox the body of THC. I will assume that you have the best of intentions. It is not the intention of this tutorial to allow you to get away with illegal activity. I am not liable for anything that does or does not happen to you as a result of following this tutorial.

It takes at the very least seventy two hours to fully detox your physique of THC, or any substance for that matter. It isn't simple, but if you truly need to detox your physique in a brief period of time this is how. It is a very rigorous way nevertheless it works one hundred percent.

First you'll need to get vinegar, multi vitamins, water, gatorade 24oz, cranberry juice, and a hot place to sit down(a automobile sitting out in the solar sun is a great place). Now it is advisable to keep in mind is that your friend is not going to be the water or urinating alot, however actually sweating out immense amount over seventy two hours will completely detoxify your body. Sweating is the way our bodies naturally clean toxins, thats why when people get sick its helpful to stay warm or exercise. Also you must have three days free etc to carry this whole plan out. Also, even though vinegar tastes horrible, you are still going to need to drink it to do this correctly.

First 24 hours:

The first day is the easiest. for the first 24 hours drink nothing but water in a mixture of half water and half vinegar(have a 2 liter bottle at hand to replenish). I would recommend CONSTANTLY consuming this mixture all day. (there shouldnt be a time span of more than 30 minutes which you have not drank a liter of vinegar water. If you have to pee then do it and instantly drink as much vinegar water as you can, and drink a bottle of Gatorade about three times the first day. DO NOT drink more than that. The Gatorades only objective is to keep you from going into shock, because by consuming an extreme amount of water will drain key electrolytes and it'll literally put you into shock... which isn't fun. However if you drink an extreme quantity of gatorade, chances are you'll get small levels of poisons that hinder the THC from leaving your body. Also the during first 24 hours you will want to work out. Running under the hot sun is the greatest way. The warmer and sweatier you are the better. Now after you run you should be at the least dripping wet with sweat. Immediately after running its important that you shower. Don't take a bath. You just need to bathe and wash of the sweat as quickly as possible. Your body will absorbs small quantities of water and liquids, and when sweating out toxins you might just absorb some of them back in. You must do some very intense running 4 hours a day, broken down into say 30 minute periods. Spread these intervals out across the day there shouldnt be a time span of three hours in which you have not done some running or intense working out. Also at the beginning and end of the first day you must take a muti vitamin. Be sure to take one in the morning, and one at night (not necessarily right before you sleep).

Second 24 hours:

This will most likely be the most miserable day of your life, however its worth it. You need to take the multi vitamin once you wake up. Now I would recommend pulling your automobile out into the hot sun early in the morning siting ion it. At about noon(if it is sunny and hot) drink lot of vinegar water, gatorade, and the cranberry juice. Now this is going to sound strange, but you must sit in your car, for about two and a half hours. You must be sweating a large ammount. I recommend placing a towel beneath you when you sit in your car, and wearing exercise clothing. Now you just sit. Make certain to continuously drink the vinegar water, and drink the gatorade every so often. You can drink as much of the cranberry juice as you like but drink more vinegar water than cranberry juice. Just sit and sweat. after an excellent 2 and a half hours you're good to get out of the heat, but remember the longer the better. And make sure you aren't dehydrated because you'll dehydrate quickly depending on how hot your car is. Untinted windows are one of the best for this, however whether your car is tinted or not be sure and leave your windows rolled up! Wash off immediately after getting out of the car. Then you will do exactly what you did on day one. Workout, drink a lot of vinegar water, keep throwing in gatorade here and there. Do not drink the cranberry juice after your done sitting in the car. You wont need to. Take a multi vitamin again and go to sleep.

Last 24 hours:

The last day is basically the same as day two, except for one thing- you will substitute gatorade with cranberry juice. No extra Gatorade, drink only vinegar water and cranberry juice. You will want to drink alot!!! Cranberry juice will preserve your electrolytes and since it is a superb antioxidant it will also help you to sweat and urinate THC out of your body. Today you'll need to sit within the car once more for another 2 hours and drink nothing but Cranberry juice whereas in it. This last day is when you will be pushing out a the largest amount of the THC. Proceed to drink heavy amounts of the vinegar water and cranberry juice. Be sure and take your multi vitamin once more before you go to sleep. You will also need to work out or run again on this day.

At this point you should have the THC almost completely removed from your body and you will have survived one of the hardest things you have ever put yourself through on purpose.