Got a microsuede throw pillow or couch set and looking for the best way to clean it? My wife and I bought a microfiber couch set a few years back after getting rid of our old (and cheap) futon.  The microfiber/microsuede worked well for us because it was purported to be easy to clean and friendly for cats and pets. This was good for us because we had three cats at the time.

Over the last couple years we’ve found the claims to be true. Microsuede fabrics are amazingly easy to maintain and they are excellent for pets and pet hair. The pet hair comes right off and stains are slow and rare to develop. Even still we practice good maintenance and clean our sofa routinely and we’ve come to have a system in place which does us well.

Cleaning Microsuede/Microfiber Upholstery – Our Process

After removing pet hair from the fabric of our couches and throw pillows with our FurFighter, we then throw the microfiber couch cushion and throw pillow covers into the wash with the rest of our laundry on the cold setting. The rest of the couch gets washed by hand using a brush and the best microsuede upholstery cleaner on the market.

Blue Coal Microsuede Cleaner For Furniture & UpholsteryThe Blue Coral Dry Clean Upholstery Cleaner is surprisingly very affordable. We buy it online to save on costs over local stores and it cleans just about any kind of upholstery. It is designed to work well on chairs, cars, and mattresses but to be honest we’ve only used it on our couches – and it works really well too.

According to aficionados cleaning upholstery in the microfiber arena is very easy and you don’t necessarily need any special product but from our experience cleaning with Blue Coral is much easier than mixing a powder detergent or light soap separately. The cost is low enough to justify using this product and the ease of use makes it worthwhile too.

Basically we use a small soft bristled brush for stains if they occur but the majority of the time the bristled tip of the Blue Coral can and applicator is just fine for routine care. Since we throw the covers to cushions in the wash the rest of the couch surfaces are few so we don’t even use much of this at all.

I know it’s worth it because I can’t count the amount of times I’ve dripped something on the arm of the couch but yet the upholstery on our sofa arms look just as they did when it was new. Of course it helps that we maintain the surface regularly but with the very nature of microsuede I imagine long time neglect could still be cleaned up with a little elbow grease.

In any even my wife and I believe that the Blue Coral cleaner from above is the best microsuede cleaner on the market today and we love its low price. There are many other tips to clean microsuede pillows, furniture, and upholstery but they are but details in the grand scheme of things.  If you have pets get microsuede furniture and then clean it regularly and your home will be a happy clean place.