Thinking back on that one hot summer day in the late month of july 1997.Two great friends of mines(real names excluded )(chuck and law ) decided to ride up to city island new york and rent a skiff boat from Jack's Tackle and Bait.Jacks is the place where many anglers come for fish bait,tackle,boat rentals,party boats and just for general information for locations on hotspots.

Well, we headed up to city island on this summer day of july,and strolled up into jacks to rent one of those orange skiffs.Jacks supplied us with loads of bait and the inside scoop on a couple hot spots.Jacks always looked out for my friend chuck.Chuck is a regular on all of the party boats out of city island.

After loading up in the skiff,we headed east off the shore of rye new york.Once we found out location,we anchored the boat so that it will not drift away along with the current. It was about a half an hour before anyone felt any bites. I did'nt really know what i was felling for until chuck demostrated by slightly tugging on my shirt. Chuck explained"if you feel something like a little pull, bang it,it's a fish nibbling on the bait" my reaction was like "i was feeeling that tug for awhile!. Ever since knowing that, every tug i whipped up on the rod to see if i banged a fish.Oh yeah! that's our terminology for hooking a fish"bangin a fish. So as a little time pass by then i felt that strong pull of a knibble when i whipped my rod again and wham! i felt a little weight on my line as i proceeded to retrieve the mystery on the other end of my line. Chuck and Law looked on as my catch rosed to the waters surface. Chuck laugh out and shouted "horseshoe crab"! I was amazed at the sized of this thing. The crab was approximately 24 inches in perimeter with a 12 inch stinger tail. We continued to fish,but the bites were pretty slow. Maybe because the tide was going down. After soaking up the sun and a few beers, my pole got hit hard. Then there was silence with a dead lift to it. Curious to see if another horseshoe crab had hit my bait again,i brought in my line.Upon reaching the surface of the water,chuck yell out "yo, you a Fluke"! you have a big fluke. I pulled that baby into the boat. We measured the fish from head to tail. The fish measured in to a total of 23 inches long. I was like woe! who's the man!

Being we were half way into our day out on the waters we had to store this fish before the sun cooks it. Our cooler was too small, but big enough to house a few beers. Anyway,chuck had this thick nylon string in his backpack.Chuck used that strong to keep the fish in the water so that it could stay fresh. Chuck feed the string through the fluke's gills out through its mouth and tied a not,then tied the string to the back of the skiff to hang around.

The boys had their day of fame when we ran into a wall of porgies.Man those little fish could pull. I was driving the boat while chuck and law muscled in some porgies. Of course i have one arm left. I use that arm to launch my hook ,line,and sinker into the water and pulled up some keepers myself..with one arm. We had to flood one corner of the skiff so that the fish could stay somewhat fresh until we dock back at Jacks.

The day turned out to be a great day.We had a few porgies and my big Fluke so we headed back to shore with our catch of the day. I proceeded to pull up my fluke from the water. The string felt pretty light as i continued to retreive my fish. The fish was gone! We did not know when the fish came off the string we only assumed that it would stay on the line.The string looked loose as if the knot just loosened. I guess it was just not5 the time for that fluke to be eaten be a grown man with a fishing pole. I was just so happy to catch my first large fish ever, i did not sweat it too much ,for the lost,it just felt great pulling that baby up.

After that experience chuck and i continued to hit the shore lines, the piers,the party boats,and of course our little skiffs.While in Jacks one day,chuck ask my to see my fishing pole(it was a cheap pole) he broke the freakin thing right there in the bait store. I was like "yo!" "what you do that for?" Chuck ask one of the guys from jacks to pass him a 7 foot 2 piece ugly stick and she to me" here!" "This is a real fishing pole for gift to you!"

Now i am hooked. I love fishing for stripers,blues,porgies,sea bass,cod fish,red drum,mangro snappers,sharks and many more. There are fish that i dream of fishing and soom one day those dreams will come true day by day.I love the sport of fishing and all it have to offer.

Please respect the rules and regulations of this wonderful sport ,so that our children will have their opportunity to enjoy those moment as well.Practice catch and release daily. If you can, take a kid or a friend fishing so that they too will become "HOOKED!".