The effects of social isms

Filipino migration, a survival of the fittest

            Nowadays, we will notice that Filipinos can be found on all parts of the world. Is it seen positively or negatively? Based on the ism Social Darwinism, the fittest should be given the benefit to survive and the weak ought to die. This is where the famous sociologist Herbert Spencer coined the quotation “survival of the fittest”.


In order for a man to survive, he should be aware of the things that may pull him down and push him up. Filipinos have this belief that the greatest opportunity will be found across the continent. In this kind of thinking, we can say that another ism is emerging in the problem, racial determination. Racial determination shows white supremacy where the whites are considered as the supreme ones who cannot be beaten. They see them more superior than their own races because they believed that these white races are more intelligent than their own kinds. Well, we cannot blame them for that belief because it is also the government’s fault why most of the intellectual ones trusted the foreign government than their own. In the field of science for instance, many Filipino inventors came up with rare and useful inventions that if only given importance and funded by the government, can push the country into the peak of success. Yet, they seem to be invisible and senseless. These poor inventors didn’t even get the chance to exhibit their inventions in their own country; leaving them with no other options but to sell it to other countries who will not take them for granted and will give their master pieces with due respect and importance.

On that two ism, we can say that the good number of migration of the Filipinos tend to get bigger because of the thought that they can or will only provide their necessities by taking chances on foreign lands where the inhabitants are considered to be supreme. And still, the hope of being one of them would be great. As they return to their own countries, people look up unto them believing that they are supreme among the others because of the fact that they have intermingled with the supreme ones and that they have survived the challenges of life.

Well, this is just one of the sad facts Filipino people are experiencing right now. But still, who knows, maybe someday they wouldn’t need this anymore. Someday, all families that are broken because of these social isms will get back together and be contented on life’s game and challenges. All they have to do is start working with their own selves and the community, the country, the rest will follow.