Creating Peace, Joy and Prosperity in Your Life

 By: J. Marlando


 Not too long ago we were hearing a whole lot about the law of attraction. We’d all like to have that “law” working in our favor as we walk our paths in life. After all, a typical primal cry is why do bad things have to me?

 The truth is, and granted there are exceptions but the truth is that in the normal course of living life, the negative experiences we endure can invariably be traced back to our own choice making. For example, if you happen to be in an unhappy situation at the moment, think back at the steps you chose to take getting you there. And, the chances are that you are in the unhappy situation because you are choosing to remain where you are at. In this view, no matter what circumstances we are in, with few exceptions, we are victims or victors of our own free will.

Granted we are not always making choices as freely as we should be. In many instances our choice making evolves up from the deepest parts of our unconscious—we may be making choices out of our childhood conditioning, old angers or old beliefs about ourselves and others; resentments and so forth. Many, many people spend lifetimes obeying or disobeying their parents in the guises of their own independence. Our superstitions can dictate a lot of what we do and the myths we’ve been given about ourselves and our world will often control or, at least influence our choice making.

Most certainly “bad” choices attract negative results while “good” choices attract positive results. A problem is that we human beings too often attempt doing the wrong thing for the right reason or the right thing for the wrong reason and end up in disappointment and frustration, those major components of unhappiness!

 This article is about how to avoid the negative by creating positive changes in your life and, as a result, in the lives of others; how to activate the law of (positive) attraction in your daily life!

You and Your World

You are probably used to thinking in terms of you being here and the rest of the world being over there in the subject/object sense. This can be a major reason why some people find it extremely difficult to grasp that it isn’t the world that acts on them but rather it is they who act upon the world. But how might this be?

One reason why a lot of people cannot accept that they are in charge of their world is because they are indoctrinated in believing in the Newtonian clockwork universe, wherein cause and effect rules and things are as they seem. However, regardless of his mechanical worldview, he still held a religious fascination with nature and the consciousness of God. We can assume that he would have agreed with the sage, Wang Shihuai, who told us that the universe is all mind and all phenomena.

What concurs with this is quantum field theory which offers that what we call matter at quantum levels becomes invisible field energy described by some as wave (or potential) opposed to particle which appears to be solid matter. All that is important about knowing this for the reader is to comprehend that mind (call it consciousness) permeates…everything. And, it is through “consciousness” that the entire universe is in connectedness so everything that happens has some effect on everything else. This, in the very least, gives us an idea how the law of negative and positive attraction works. In other words our actions are more than activities, they are projections and what we project into the universe is always reflected.

Hate begets the hateful, fear the frightening, greed, repulsion and cruelty, evil, or in other words, what we give we get. Certainly, the old adage that tells us the world is what we make it proves true time and time again although some folks like to blame others, bad luck, fate, God or the devil but inevitably we end up being at the root of our own misfortunes…or fortunes! In Eastern thought this is often called karma. In Western thought it is said that we reap what we sow.

Failure for example is not a punishment just as success is not a reward—both are results of positive or negative energy. “But what if we did our utmost and still failed?” Trying hard is not always enough. Zest, it has been said, without knowledge is a runaway horse.

 Nevertheless, positive energy creates positive results. The following demonstrates this.

A Success  Story

To answer this question I will begin by telling you a story that a friend of mine shared with me about a failure. Jim, as is said was at the bottom of the barrel. His wife had left him for another man. He began drinking a lot and finally lost his job and was living in a flop-house apartment that he could hardly pay for from the little money he made gardening. At least he had held on to his old pickup truck and had enough tools to mow lawns and trim hedges.

One early morning when he was walking out of his apartment he said hello to an associate of mine who was there to see the owner about some business. My friend returned the hello and responded to the man reeking with the smell of alcohol before nine in the morning.

My associate prompted a conversation with the man sensing he was in a depression and sure enough the man gladly shared his story. He began by announcing that he was a failure but scraping out a tight living doing gardening work. Gardening was something he liked to do and he once dreamed of owning his own nursery.

With one word leading to another my associate told Jim that he was a business consultant and could turn his gardening business into a success story and turn he life around. Jim was skeptical but anxious to listen. There was a condition to the free instruction: Jim had to give his solemn word to do exactly as he was told for a solid month.

Jim made the pledge. And, although finding it difficult to keep from time to time actually kept his word. He followed my friend’s instruction…without waver.

First of all, he was not permitted to drink alcohol until he came home in the evening. That was pretty tough for Jim at least for the first few days but he managed. He managed probably because he began seeing positive changes on his very first day.

What happened is that he went to his customers house, a little old lady who lived alone, to cut her lawn which he did once a month because that was all she could afford. As a general rule, he mowed her lawn, stuck the bill in the screen door, loaded the mower onto the back of his truck and drove away.  This day was different, however. When he finished mowing he raked and swept the lady’s porch. Part of the promise he had made was to give every one of his customers extra service.

He did this and for the first time, in a very long time, he began feeling good about himself. Word slowly began to spread and began acquiring more and more customers. Within only three months he had hired a helper.

There was something else—he was to say (silently to himself) I love you not only to his customers but to everyone he passed by or greeted. At first he felt quite phony in doing this but he did it anyway. Soon enough, he was meaning it however, and the more he meant it, the more joyful and energetic he became. Making these motives and attitude his habit, within three years a wealthy customer of his backed him in acquiring his landscaper’s license and helped him open a small nursery. During that time, he began seeing a lady friend and that friendship ended up in a lasting, happy marriage. As Shakespeare once said, all’s well that ends well.

The secrets of the law of attraction are demonstrated in the above.

Attracting the Good

Jim was on the skids when he chose to take advantage of the positive synchronicity that occurred in his life. That is, meeting my associate who was, at the time, a motivational speaker. Indeed that fortunate coincidence became life-changing. Jim’s world did not change of course but Jim had changed his world and when he began to truly give, he began to get.

There is a rub with this winning system, however. You cannot give in order to get nor can you *love in order to attract anything. People who do are acting out of greed as opposed to generosity and greed, as you already know, manifests repulsion which is, if you will, on the opposite end of attraction.

**As an aside, quite a few years ago, I taught a class on love and loving. This class began for actors desiring to expand their empathy and obtain a greater joy in both their lives and their work. Within a few months after the class had begun, business people and especially people in sales began to attend. By merely giving sincere customer care and always a little extra during their work days their sales increased and their customer base grew. The formula was extremely simple—be loving and giving. After all, as already said, whatever you project into the universe is always reflected.

As simple and easy as the formula sounds, it is far from easy for most people to perform both openly and honestly. Simple friendly service or, as is said, service with a smile does not achieve the dynamic needed to manifest positive change. After all, we all know how to smile politely and feign graciousness or in other words, perform our goodness! The secret is wanting to serve. That is, wanting to give someone whatever help or assistance he or she needs…and then some!

No matter what your job—if you are a clerk, a waitress, a high executive, a brick layer, actor, dancer, assembly line worker or cab driver make service your motive for just a few days and see what happens—not only what happens to you but to the people around you, to the very environment where you work and live. Do not misunderstand we are not saying that you have to knock yourself out constantly doing all this stuff for other people. It simply means to give more than is expected of you and to open your heart and mind to others.

The key to becoming in empathy with others, which is also what we’re talking about here, is loving others. You can’t be truly loving if you are not loving truly.

Love is probably much more than you think it is; love, as the physicist Fred Allan Wolf once wrote me, is “the glue of the universe.” It has been said that God is love! Love is necessarily the magnetism it takes to activate the positive law of attraction. Love after all begets the loving!

But how do we human beings actually remain in the service mode much less in a state of love amidst a world of so much self-centeredness, greed, anger, impatience and deceptions?

We’ll answer this question next.

*While we are used to believing love must be reciprocal only love that is unconditional is truly love.

**You might like to read my book, Succeeding in Business for the Love of It. It hasn’t been in print for years but it may still be floating around Amazon if you’re interested: Succeeding in Business for the love of it * J. Marlando *American Grants

Turning Theory into Practice

When most of us are children we are taught to be cautious in how we give our love away since some people will take advantage of us and misuse us. As a result we grow up suspicious of insincerity in others and so we pick and choose love objects very selectively. As a result we’ve grown up to believe that conditional love is love. It isn’t of course.  Love that is not unconditional is something else altogether. It may be deep affection or even devoted liking but it is not…love. Love simply is! Young children, for example, before they are corrupted by their socialization, love the world and everyone in it…unconditionally. Indeed, *Norman O. Brown tells us:

                                                The child has no anxiety about losing things.

                                                Everything the child has sensed passes through

                                                his love, and is illuminated by it: and whatever

                                                has been lit up in love remains an image, never

                                                more to be lost and that image is possession. It

                                                is the reason why children are so rich.

*Life Against Death * Norman O. Brown * Wesleyan

We soon enough lose that “richness” of childhood because we are trained to love discriminately 

and create value judgments as a reason for the loving. But loving discriminately is not to love at all. It is indeed as the philosopher William James tells us:


                                                If we but love our own family but have no

                                                love for strangers, we are signaling our

                                                inability to love at all.

We are most basically raised to be clannish, however and so to dwell in an “us” and “them” world when it comes to anyone outside our center. And what we learn to call love becomes a “what’s-in-it-for-me” emotion and trading commodity. But, as said, true love is unconditional, open and free! Real love can be placed on the tip of a needle or fill the entire universe…simultaneously because it is cause and affect both at once! But how do we gain unconditional love?

Through practice! Intellectually understanding it simply isn’t enough.

First, go to the mirror each morning and say to your image I love you unconditionally and do this every day until you mean it. It is essential for you to love yourself unconditionally because you cannot give what you do not have. 

Once you have permitted yourself to love you (unconditionally), begin taking walks—walks around the block, on the beach or through the park and practice saying to EVERYTHING that you pass (silently to yourself) “I love you.” This includes every stranger that you greet; this also includes the trees and bushes that you pass and yes, the very grass beneath your feet.

 If this sounds a little outlandish or ridiculous to you, go back to the second part of this article—You and Your World and reread it.

Make this a daily practice. That is, to simply love people and things; to walk your path in love! When your love becomes real—and you will know it when it does—you will feel a connectedness with everything and so in oneness with the entire universe. You will lose the need to wear emotional armor to keep yourself from being rejected or hurt in some other way. After all, unconditional love cannot be betrayed or misused as it is in a state somewhat akin to Emerson’s rose. Emerson said:


                                    These roses under my window make no reference to

                                    former roses or to better ones; they exist with God today.

                                    There is not time to them. There is simply the rose; it is

                                    perfect in every moment of its existence…but man postpones

                                    and remembers. He cannot be happy and strong until he, too,

                                    lives with nature in the present, above time.

We humans can never be as the rose is of course but we can become in consciousness with it through our unconditionally loving it. And don’t scoff at loving a rose like this. The famous horticulturist, Luther Burbank said, “I often talk to my plants, to create a vibration of love.”

And so, let us say you are a clerk or waitress or in some other “service” business. When you greet the customer—even the cranky old man or women—say silently to yourself, “I love you” to them and see what happens.

This is applicable to all jobs—even if you work on some assembly line, choose to love what you are doing, say silently to yourself, I love you and again, see what happens.

 If you do these things it doesn’t matter if you are sincere or not…at first—your sincerity will evolve naturally as the law of attraction begins working in your favor. Also when you begin realizing that you are one with every other person and that every other person is you only in different circumstances your sincerity will blossom and grow.

Love and service are truly the components of success; the means and method of acting upon the world positively and effectively. Is all this so? You cannot know unless you have the courage to try it. Most certainly you have it in your potential to change your world if you so desire. Just remember you do not have to live up to anyone else’s expectations or be what anyone else told you that you are. And keep in mind the words and promises of *H.R. Lewis and H.S. Streitfeld:

                                    You are almost certainly better than you think

                                    you are. More than you permit yourself, you can

                                    be happier, stronger, braver. You can by more

                                    loving and giving; warmer, more open and honest;

                                    more responsible and responsive. You can perceive

                                    worlds richer and fuller than you now experience.

                                    You have it in you to be more creative, more

                                    zestful, more joyous. All these prospects are within

                                    you. They are your potential.


*Howard R. Lewis and Dr. Harold S. Streitfeld * Growth Games * Bantam Books

The positive law of attraction begins to work in our lives when we do the positive; when we do the loving thing, which invariably includes service. Positive thought and action creates projection and, once again, whatever is projected into the universe is always reflected.

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