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Tivoli Audio manufactures a range of high end radios, for a niche market. Focussing on making beautifully designed, simple-to-use, high quality audio products. They make the best two-speaker stereo radio, the best clock radio, the best rechargeable portable radio on the market and the absolute best-sounding portable clock radio. Tivoli Audio SongBook AM-FM portable clock radio is the name.

It sets the standard for audio quality and performance in such a small product. The SongBook is a medium-sized portable, approx. 6 by 7 by 2 inches, weighing 1.75 pounds. The case has a rubberized coating to make the radio weather resistant so you can safely use it outdoors.

The used circuitry is of a quality that is seldom seen. There's an additional stereo mini-jack input (so you can plug in your iPod) and an output jack for stereo headphones. The Songbook uses a digital readout instead of the old-fashioned but very precise round tuning dial Tivoli uses on other models. This readout can light up blue when you need that.

As I wrote the SongBook is a clockradio. It has a built-in digital alarm with a sleep timer. That makes it the ultimate travel companion. You can tune into your favourite AM and FM stations manually using up and down arrow buttons and then save them to one of five memory buttons on the front.
The SongBook comes with an external power supply and can also run on a set of 6 alkaline batteries. But there's also another option. You can choose to use NiCad or NiMH AAs batteries and recharge them in the radio. Just flip a switch in the battery compartment and your SongBook will automatically keep the rechargeable batteries fully charged when plugged into the mains.

The SongBook has the typical Tivoli radio quality of the sound. A fantastic and pure sound comes out of the 2-inch round speaker. The SongBook is an amazing portable clock radio.
Tivoli's SongBook comes in seven colours (black, blue, green, red, silver, white and yellow) and sells for just under $200. That looks like a lot of money, but then again there is no real competition. I strongly recommend this radio. Seeing, hearing is believing. And I am a believer!

In Closing

The complete range of Tivoli Audio products is awesome!