Now I will be telling you infromation about the song What Ever You Like which is by the famous singer and rapper T.I (who is also known as Clifford Joseph Harris). This song was first released on July 29th 2008 and it was T.Ialso recorded on 2008. For the album version the song length is four minutes and nine seconds and for the radio edit it was only three minutes and forty seconds. The Genre for this song is: Electro hop, dance and R&B. The writers for this song are Clifford Joseph Harris (also known as T.I), David Seigel and James Scheffer. The producer of this song was Jim Jonsin. The labels for this song were grand hustle and Atlantic. So if I were you I would carry on reading to find out what some more information about the song What Ever You Like and about T.I.  




Information About the song what ever you like and T.I

If you have ever watched the video of the song what ever you like by T.I then you can watch it now on You Tube also you will notice that the video tells you a little story. The story is about a lady who works in a chip shop and she has a big dream that she could have what ever she wanted but at the end she just found out that it was all a dream and it will never happen. Although she did meet T.I in the chip shop but that was the only thing that was true. If you don’t T.I in photo shotunderstand me then watch the video a couple of times and you may understand me.


Well I hope you enjoyed the information for the song What Ever You like which is by T.I. This song recieved a certificate which was a 4x platinum certificate (RIAA). Did you also know that T.I real name is Clifford Joseph Harris but for short you can call him Clifford Harris (because Joseph is just his middle name)? Well I hope you enjoyed reading the information  for the song What Ever You Like (which was sung by T.I) as much as I had fun telling you information about the song what ever you like by T.I also information about T.I himself.