Information about the song No Mercy by T.I ft The-Dream

Now I will be telling you what the lyrics for the song no mercy which by T.I which is also featuring the dream. This song is really nice especially when you start learning the lyrics and If you know the lyrics that’s even better. Now I will be naming all the producer’s for this song who are: Clifford Joseph Harris (who is also known as T.I), Jason Geter, DJ Toomp, Jim Jonsin, Lil C, Danja, Kanye West, The Smash Factory, Dr. Luke, The Neptunes, The- Dream, Jake One, T-Minus, Christopher Stewart (also known as Tricky), T.I and The-Dream photoRico Love, Alex da kid, Nard & B, Polow da Don and Hollywood hot sauce. If you really look at the lyrics it feels like it’s telling you a little story so let’ see if you can spot that but most importantly enjoy the tune (which is no mercy which is by T.I and is featuring the dream) whilst singing to it, so if I were you I’d carry on reading to find out the lyrics so I hope you enjoy the lyrics whilst listening to the music and you can watch the music video as well. Isn’t that amazing all at once? Well I definitely think it is. Any ways I hope you enjoy the lyrics for this song which is no mercy (which is sung by T.I and is featuring the dream). 

Extra Information about the song No Mercy by T.I ft The-Dream

Wasn’t that amazing? Well I definitely think it was and I hope you spotted the little story. The story is basically telling you that no matter what people think of you, you should still remain the same and try to make things work no matter what was going to happen. So as you can see this is a great story and well done for every one who guessed it right also if you haven’t then better luck next time. The reason they call the song no mercy was because T.I just came back from prisonT.I and The-Dream and not many families like when a member of their family goes to prison because it feels like that person does not exist. Well I really hope you enjoyed this song so much as well as you had fun singing along to the song. Now I will be naming some songs that are kind of related to this song no mercy. Get back up (featuring Chris Brown), that’s all she wrote (featuring Eminem), big picture, Strip (featuring young Dro and Trey Songz), welcome to the world (featuring Kanye West and Kid Cudi), I can’t help it (featuring Rocko), how life changed (featuring Mitchelle L and Scarface) and there are many more related songs that T.I has made even with many other famous singers.

Brief InformaT.I No Mercytion about T.I

T.I is an American recording artist, film and music producer and an occasional actor whose real name is Clifford Joseph Harris Jr. T.I was born on September 25th 1980.T.I has released seven albums which are I’m serious, Trap Muzik, Urban Legend, King, T.I vs T.I.P, Paper Trail and No Mercy. 

T.I. - No Mercy Ft. The-Dream [Official Video]