Temporomandibular joints or TMJ disorders can be really painful and its symptoms can physically disable you from doing your normal everyday routine. This ailment can affect the entire upper body because the pain that results is a radiating pain, and numbness is not only felt in the head and neck but also in the arms. With proper consultation form your dentist or medical expert in this field you can actually alleviate the symptoms of TMJ disorders, though there is no permanent cure short of risky surgery. By performing the proper TMJ exercises, and being dedicated to making small lifestyle adjustments you can alleviate the pain in many cases. Almost anything is better than undergoing a risky surgical procedure to treat the problem.

You should always consult your doctor or dentist before doing any forms of exercise when it comes to treating TMJ. They are specialists and will be able to design a proper regiment that will not end up doing more harm than good. The first exercise that you can do is the jaw deviation correction. People who have TMJ disorders have their jaws deviate to one side. This exercise is aimed at having the jaws relearn how to open correctly. First you need to be in a well-lit room with a mirror. In front of the mirror keep your head straight and try to slowly open and close your mouth. You will notice that your jaw will open to one side. Try opening your mouth straight. This will take some effort since the other side of the jaw is not functioning properly. Try to open and close with the mouth straight for ten times and then take some rest. Do it again and then take another rest. For the third time do it again to complete three sets of ten opening and closing exercises.

You can also do muscle relaxation and stretching as part of your TMJ exercises. This is to reduce muscle problems and alleviate the pain that stem from your muscles. The muscles in your jaw area have been tightened and have cut off the blood vessels going in and out of the muscles. To loosen and relax the muscles again, you need to stretch them. Slowly open your mouth as wide as you can and then slowly close it again. Slowly open your mouth again as wide as you can possibly can but this time, open it to the left side. Do that to the right side as well. Repeat the exercise until you feel your muscles are better. You can also do this exercise wherever you can. Next thing when your muscles are beginning to feel better is to repeat the process again, this time assist your jaw in these exercise movements using your hand. Be careful though in using your hand and do not attempt to employ so much force. To increase the flow of blood in the muscles, you can also place a moist and warm towel on the sides of your face while doing these stretching exercises top your muscles.

The incredibly painful result of the TMJ can many times be alleviated with proper treatment one of which is a set of specific TMJ exercises. You feel slowly feel relief though not instantly but at least this could be a better option to avoid the last resort of TMJ surgical procedures.